BAGA Field Target Match Report for August 11 in Bristol, WI.

Author Topic: BAGA Field Target Match Report for August 11 in Bristol, WI.  (Read 148 times))

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BAGA Field Target Match Report for August 11 in Bristol, WI.
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:23:06 PM »
BAGA Field Target Match Report for August 11, 2018.
The day was BEAUTIFUL!  It was 88 and sunny with 7ish MPH breeze.  The match consisted of 15 lanes, 2 targets per lane for a total of 60 shots. 
After the match Ron cooked up some awesome sirloin burgers and chicken legs of 3 difference flavors.  Everyone was able to hang out and enjoy the meal after a great match.

Greg Sauve is up to PRIME form just before his trip to Poland for the Worlds.  Greg ended up cleaning the course for the 2nd time this year!  This is not an easy feat as the difficulty of the course is going to end up between 36-39ish but I will know next Saturday when I actually get the Troyer rating.
Greg ended up finishing with high match score and 1st in WFTF with 60/60.  Brian Vandenboom ended up in 2nd in WFTF with 55/60 in his first match ever with his new Thomas Carbine.  Ken Pike, from the Maribel Sportsman’s Club in Manitowoc WI. Came in 3rd with a 37/60.
In Open, Vlad Berchanskiy was able to hold off a hard charging crowd to finish in 1st place by a single shot.  Vlad finished the day with 56/60 for 1st place in Open.  Alex Modic, with BROKEN LEG and all!!!!!  Alex was able to knock down 54/60 and match Ron Weber so I set up a shoot off on the far right side of the sight in range to let them battle for 2nd and 3rd.  I set out a 1” kz at 39-40 yards.  Alex shot first and Ron followed up.  Alex was able to knock down his first shot but Ron missed the shot.  Alex won the shoot off and took 2nd place and gained some much needed confidence after his accident! 
In the Hunter division, Phil Eakley continues his firm grip on top spot in this class once again, but not without some stern competition from Fred Joachim.  Phil was able to hold Fred off and finish the match with 55/60 for a single shot win over Fred’s VERY strong 54/60.  Bill Reichert, in his 2nd match ever, was able to put up a strong 40/60 for 3rd place in Hunter.

HUGE thanks to everyone that helped prep the course on Friday.  Without them, there is no match on Saturday!!!!!!
Thanks to everyone that came out to compete in the match as well!  It was an awesome day and great August BAGA Match!!!!

Greg Sauve…Thomas Carbine…March X 8-80…JSB 8.4…60/60
Brian Vandenboom…Thomas Carbine…Sightron 10-50…AA 8.4…55/60
Ken Pike…Thomas Carbine…Sightron 10-50…JSB 8.4…37/60

Vlad Berchanskiy…Thomas…March X 8-80…JSB 13.43…56/60
Alex Modic…Steyr LG 100…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.34…54/60 * won via tie breaker
Ron Weber…Steyr LG 100…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…54/60
Brandon Carroll…Steyr LG 100…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.34…53/60
Bill Howarth…Thomas…March X 8-80…JSB 13.43…53/60
Jessica Wenzel…Steyr LG 100…BSA 10-50…JSB 13.43…51/60
Mark Berchanskiy…FWB P70 JR…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…37/60

Phil Eakley…RAW TM 1000…Hawke 10-50@16x...JSB 13.43…55/60
Fred Joachim…Marauder…Leapers 4-16…AA 10.34…54/60
Bill Reichert…Daystate Red Wolf…Sightron 10-50@16x...JSB  10.34…40/60
Don Walker…Steyr LG 110 hunter…Hawke 10-50@40x(BAGA Freestyle)…JSB 10.34…39/60

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Re: BAGA Field Target Match Report for August 11 in Bristol, WI.
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Congrats on the new Thomas Boomer.
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Re: BAGA Field Target Match Report for August 11 in Bristol, WI.
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2018, 02:46:17 PM »
Greg cleaned the course ... Awesomeness !!
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