R5M .25 long in da house!!

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R5M .25 long in da house!!
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:53:03 AM »
Got my .25 R5M long from Brian on Friday. This thing is sick! Build quality, simplicity and ergonomics are awesome. It's shooting .25 kings at about 913-915 currently. The poly mags fit and shoot very close to king accuracy. I was able to hit a pine cone repeatedly at 60 yrds with them. I turned the adjuster 30 clicks and got 880's with 34 heavies with more to go on adjuster. Hopefully I can get out soon and get some groups at various distances to report. The shroud looks ridiculous in person..and it works.


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Edgun R5M .25 long (Silver Fox)
EdGun Leshiy .22 (Hooligan 2.0)
Extreme BigBore .457 carbine lite weight-sold
Cricket .25 (sold)
Gamo Urban .22 Huma reg
Wicked Air Rifle desert tan "FLEX".30 **sold**
Vulcan .25 (a.k.a "The Vulcanator")-sold
FX Bobcat .30 (a.k.a "The Fury")-sold
Synthetic Kalibre cricket compact .22 (a.k.a "The Hooligan")*sold
Crossman 1377
Beeman Crow Mag IV .20cal (Beautiful) **sold**
Bam 40 .22 -sold

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