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Took flex over to a friend's house.

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Have a friend who is really into firearms.
He was interested in Airguns so I grabbed my flex 25 cal and slayer and tank.

He gives guns classes and had a range set up, distance wasn't that far maybe 32-35 yards.
He was saying that if a gun shot dead on at that distance it would be about the same at 100 yards.....I kinda forgot exactly.

But the impressive part was we were shooting each other shots with the flex and he was really impressed saying that it takes a heck of a gun to do that.
He was kinda in disbelief that two people who shot completely different could shoot the same hole with an Airgun.

Funny part was his 1st shot. Like everyone else who has shot this gun he touched trigger and it went off.
He looked at me like with a Q.......I just told him it had a Timmy single stage and was really easy to pull.
He was kinda impressed again.

After his 1st shot he was used to the trigger and we had a good time.

After we were done he asked about cost and I didn't hold back on him saying that it's better to buy gun like this over a cheap one and I told him that he would at least need a tank (he is disabled) so the hand pump wouldn't be an option.

Maybe he will get one and I'll have an extra person to shoot with!

Most died in the wool powder burner type when confronted with the cost of our more serious PCP guns are blown away !! when told $2000 - $3000 + for what your holding ... Gun & Optics.

Also the cost of getting air. That's not free, but should be cheaper than it used to be.
I told him all he needs is a tank to start with and I'll fill it for him

Maybe he will get into the hobbie.

Most times people that are really into firearms will not even try an Airgun out.
They already have it in there head that the Airgun will not be any good.

But everyone that has tried my flex/slayer has loved them and that's people who probably all own over 100 guns each.

This flex 25 cal is an awesome gun and worth every penny of cost. I can't pick a favorite between the flex and the 357 slayer as they have different purposes.

But I love my flex 25cal.

My WarP has finally ended up as a .25 cal and serves its purpose as a hard hitting hunting rig.
Shooting JSB 25.4's @ 960 and 33.95's @ 845 it is a sweet rig indeed.


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