Recommended Pellet weight for Stoeger x20 .177 ??

Author Topic: Recommended Pellet weight for Stoeger x20 .177 ??  (Read 3298 times))

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Recommended Pellet weight for Stoeger x20 .177 ??
« on: June 27, 2011, 01:57:21 AM »
I did some searching but did not find any information on what the maximum pellet weight for a Steoger X20 .177.  I had gone through a tin of Crosman premier hollow points (CHP) 7.9 and got some predator 8.0 and  H&N barracuda hunter 10.34.   The CHP's where good, decent grouping, had a few fliers, and seems ok for hunting, needed a few double taps.  I then tried the predators better grouping than the CHP's but not by much and where very good for dispatching back yards vermin.  I finished the predator tin and am now on the H&N's.  The Cuda's grouping just as as good as the predators, I've only hit 2 chippers with the Cudas on dropped on the spot and the other zombied down its burrow.  I want to do some more varmit dispatching before I decide on how well they hunt.  Well, in much search for knowledge here (thank you for all the information) I came across a few comments concerning max pellet weight in relation to springer power and longevity and possible failure.  If the Cudas turn out to be just a good hunter as the predators, will continuing to shoot 10.34 grain pellets with the Stoeger X20 .177 cause harm.  I like the predators for their accuracy and damage to vermin but as most people have said they are kinda pricey.  So far the accuracy for the Cudas is impressive, I need to get a few more vermin before I can say how well they hunt.  But I would like to know if a 10.34 grain pellet in my X20 is ok.  I have 2 tins I will shoot.  Thank you guys for any information and experience with pellet weight regarding air rifle power.
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Re: Recommended Pellet weight for Stoeger x20 .177 ??
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, 07:15:56 AM »
well they say heavier pellets will damage spring over time but i have 2 stoegers now and have had 1 over a year and 1 for a few weeks.i shoot h and n also in the10gr range and 1 stoeger after tuning is boring accurate out to 30 yards.the other is a synthetic stock that was priced wrong at gander mountain.i told clerk they had wrong price on it and really didn't want another one and he said it was correct so i asked him to take it to register for me to ring up and it rang up200.00 but had a 99 dollar sticker on all the stoegers so they sold it to me,the crossman quest was what the price should have been on but haven't done anything to it yet and it shoots harder then first gun so it still need broken in.but since the h&n s are so accurate in the gun i will keep using these for accuracy and it shoots so smooth and accurate with them too and Ive put alot of brands through it also.anyway i would shoot what it likes but I'm sure more will chime in have fun shooting!

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Re: Recommended Pellet weight for Stoeger x20 .177 ??
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2011, 09:13:58 AM »
The pellet that I use and I think that a bunch of guys on the forum use in their X20 177 is the JSB Exact 8.4 grain. They have worked real good for me. Excellent grouping out to 35-40 yards. I hunt also and they are real good for that. I also used the JSB Heavies and I did not have a problem with them. I switched just to be safe because I also have read that that pellet might be too heavy for that rifle because it is not a magnum springer. Haven't tried any H&N's. I feel that the H&N's should be just as good or not better. I use H&N Barracuda's in my RAM and they are something special!!!!
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