Umarex Gauntlet .22 Review - Regulated, Suppressed, Under $300 are you serious??

Author Topic: Umarex Gauntlet .22 Review - Regulated, Suppressed, Under $300 are you serious??  (Read 1160 times))

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Times they are a changing! When I started airgunning PCP airguns were very expensive.  Compressors were $4000, making them out of reach for most airgunners. NOT ANYMORE!  Over the last couple of years we’ve seen PCP airgun prices drop like crazy and we’ve seen quality hand pumps and compressors come way down in price.  At the same time we’ve seen accuracy and high end features like  integrated pressure regulators become the norm.  Umarex really knocked it out of the park with the Umarex Gauntlet .22 Rifle (also available in .177 and .25) and today we’ll take a look at the various important features of the .22 caliber model as well as some results at 50 yards.  If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get into PCP airgunning, it has arrived!

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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Umarex Gauntlet

Hawke Sidewinder 4.5-14x42 SF

JSB .18.13 .22 Cal Pellets

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Good, basic review.  Enjoyed it very much.  I love my .22 Gauntlet, looking forward to getting another in .177 and .25

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I have a .25 on pre-order, looking forward to getting it and seeing how it compares to the current models!  Great review!
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Rick, Nice review and demonstration of the accuracy of the Gauntlet.

I love my .177 Umarex Gauntlet and I expect to see a lot more of them in use at competitions the next few Field Target events I am able to attend. They seem to be a winner for the average person who doesn't want to spend the money to "gear up" for professional competitions. Mine is going to back up my RAW HM1000 at meets.
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I own a gauntlet in .22 and currently don't need to go for .25 since all the pellet weights can be purchased fairly easy comparable to .25 cal. not only that, My Gauntlet is capable past 40 fpe. more than enough at 50 yards, and just barely good enough at 100 yards.
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Thank you for this video and your many other informative videos.
You are a help to the air gun community.
We appreciate your work.
The .177 Gauntlet is one of  my favorites.
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We have a guy in our ranks who is using one in Field target & happens to be a VERY GOOD shot generally, but is struggling IMO to get the gun to be "FT" accurate ???
It seems the BREECH having no hold down screws either side of barrel the loading / mag slot just allows too much barrel whip. Floated or anchored to the bottle appears to make little difference.
* float the barrel breech flexs at Mag area
* Anchor to barrel to the & bottle reg moves within the threading / screw attachment and breech still flexes .... bummer
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* float the barrel breech flexs at Mag area
* Anchor to barrel to the & bottle reg moves within the threading / screw attachment and breech still flexes .... bummer

  What is his grouping on a good day at 50 yards? on a perfect day at 100 yards?
 I understand barrel whip can be remedied somewhat with a shim installed infront of the barrel baffle. Flex at the breech end is inherent for any floated barrel, it can surely be minimized with a barrel band of some sort, tight tolerance band at that. if these two modifications are done. Flex and whip can be reduced almost to 50%.
 The Gauntlet has bolt play, that and when the pellet gets pushed into the barrel past the barrel transfer port, it somewhat cant the pellets sitting position. that can play in accuracy as well at 50 yards and beyond.
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Great review!

A big reason why I have the Gauntlet 22.
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Bought a fully Hajimoto modded .22 caliber Gaunlet and have to say is been an absolute pleasure to shoot; is accurate as it could be wished for.

I shoot air rifles in my backyard to hone and keep up shooting skills necessary for firearms use when going to the outdoor range isn't possible.
For me this is specially valuable training for long distance shooting centerfire and rimfire rifles in calibers such as 6.5mm Creedmoore, .17 HMR, and .17 WSM.   
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