Hickory Hills Fun Shoot Episode 4: Return of the Dead-eye Part 1

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Hi all,

The fun shoot dates for this year are July 21st and September 22nd. They will start at 10 AM and run until we're too tired to shoot anymore. Last year's shoots typically petered out around 7 PM. I've been asked by club management to think about a "cover charge." I decided on $7 a head, if y'all don't mind.

1) I'll be there each Friday night and camping overnight. Anyone is allowed to camp on site Friday night, but we ask that you provide a donation to the club if you choose to do so. Camping will not be allowed Saturday night. There is space for a few small campers, but not many. Please give me a heads up if you're planning on camping or bringing a camper so I can plan out where you will go.
2) The last few shoots I just collected cash from folks and went out and got a party-platter of sandwiches for lunch. We supplemented that with chips and other sides. It seemed to go over well and we had food for both lunch and dinner so I plan to do the same this year.
3) I have loads of targets now, but they're all proper metal. Bring cans, eggs, ice cubes and anything else fun you can think of! Avoid targets that would cause a mess you can't clean up or won't be washed away by the rain (think: glass).

Relevant club rules:

1) Any air rifle is acceptable to shoot. Any powder-burner is not. The two concerns are noise and bullet travel. Anything we're shooting will be fine.
2) Eyes are required when on the shooting line.
3) Please don't bring a rifle you aren't legally allowed to own (I.E. If you have a "firearm" air rifle by state law but no FOID).
4) No hunting.
5) Adult beverages are allowed, but you're done shooting once you start consuming.


Post any questions you may have here and I'll do my best to answer them!
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