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Winchester Big Bore Airguns - GTA SPECIAL!!


Ok all.. here's the deal.  I have some Hatsan Optima Scopes that I need to clear off my shelves.  So here's what I'm going to do.  Anyone that buys a Winchester Big Bore will get a free Hatsan Optima scope until they are GONE.  I'm not posting this special ANYWHERE ELSE.  This is JUST For the GTA.  I'll keep this open for the next week and we'll see what happens.

Here's what I have for scopes right now. (Last update - May 29, 2018 7:18 Pacific time)

2 - Optima 3-12x50 AO
2 - Optima 2.5-10x50 SFT (Side Focus) 30mm Tube
3 - Optima 4-16x44 (Side Focus) 30mm Tube
6 - Optima 6-34x44 (Side Focus) 30mm Tube

Also included will be a FREE tin of .35 JSB Pellets + 25 Sample rounds of our new 105 grain SWC Cast bullets (for .35 cal buyers) or 100 of our 150 grain pellets to sample if you want a .45. Also, a Male QD Fill adaptor for the probe, and proper scope rings!

Again, this is ONLY for GTA Members.  When you order, put in the notes that you are from the GTA (and your handle), what scope you want and I'll add that and all the other accessories at no charge.  I'll update this list as we sell out. 

Here's the video I just posted on the .35.

Here's the promo I shot for Gamo / Winchester for SHOT Show.  That was a good size Pig I dropped (over 150) with the .45 Winchester and the 150 grain pellets!


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