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New Edgun .30 shooting slugs

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I purchased a new gun from Brian after he brought an Edgun .30 to a shooting day a few months ago.  I asked him if I could shoot a test slug in his gun which he allowed.  I could get touching bullets with the slug at 100 yards.  The accuracy crushed my Wolverine .30 and the feel of the gun was fantastic.

That was two months ago and I could not take it anymore, I needed one.  I bought one this week and took it out yesterday to a squirrel hunt on a local permission.  I took a scope off another gun and put on the Edgun and sighted the gun in first thing for 100 yards.

Once sighted I took the gun out for a field test.  I have not shot this gun for groups yet.  I did take a chair, hunting sticks, my 47 grain slugs and an air bottle.  By the end of the day I had 41 squirrels and 3 rabbits.

Most of our shooting was from 40 to 110 yards or so.  I did have 3 kills at 125 yards on a wood pile we were watching.  My longest shot of the day was lasered at 207 yards.

I bought this gun for pdog shooting which is longer range shooting than California ground squirrels typically are.  So far, this seems like a good choice, the accuracy is nothing short of incredible.  I have not shot a pellet in the gun yet, only my 47 grain slugs, but I am sure the accuracy will be similar with them as well.

I need to do a shot count on full fill of 300 bar but I was getting roughly 30+ shots on a 270 bar fill.  I did a rough shot count only but will get a better idea as I get some more shooting in with the gun.

This is a single shot gun which I don't mind at all.  I carry a pellet pouch around my neck and just reload as I shoot.  I am not a fan of the cocking bolt being and the far rear of the gun a further forward lever would be easier.  However, after shooting a while I got used to it was able to reload quickly and efficiently.

What I really like is how quiet the gun is vs the power is outputs.  Everyone I was shooting with was impressed by the quite report of a gun shooting 47 grain slugs at 902 fps.  I also very much like how short the gun is to fit in the back of my Jeep and how easy the gun is to shoulder and maneuver.  This is a great gun to have in the back of the Jeep and be able to quickly take it out when I see an opportunity.


Keyser Soze:
Sweet, I am sending some of the NSA slugs to Ed for testing!

Hi Nick, did you get the "Long" version? Would like to know if it was fitted with the upgrade Huma reg. Mine shoots your 47 grain slugs at 875fps and the stock reg is set at 120 psi according to what Brian told me.  Just wanting to figure how you are able to get 902fps from yours. I am thinking of installing the Huma in mine.
 Thanks for any info you may provide.

Mine has the Huma and is set to 130.  Brian said I get much more out of it but the fps spread was 1 with the slugs.  I decided to leave it alone and I am very happy with performance of the gun and the slugs in the gun.  The accuracy is unreal.

Thank you!


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