UK Target Spinners Review

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UK Target Spinners Review
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:55:43 AM »
For 38 British Pounds (incl. shipping) I had ordered this on ebay UK:

I had been looking for smaller reactive targets for my 22 Streamline that would challenge me and keep me entertained. I was not able to find anything comparable in the US  :(

Item arrived after 2.5 weeks. I mounted it on a board that fits into my target box so almost all the lead shrapnel is collected instead of polluting my yard. The spinners work great and I love the sound of the pellet hitting. The size range of the paddles is great and should work for all air guns at various distances and for shooters of wide skill levels (pic 1). The spinner paddles are about 1/8 inch thick. The two smallest paddles will bent some after being hit by a few 25 ftlb pellets (JSB 15.89 at 35 yards with the Streamline power level at max) (pic 2). Turning the target around for the next pellets will raise them back up (pic 3). I won't blame the manufacturer as they likely have designed this for power restricted guns. Flipping the target every so often isn't a big deal and so far there is no indication of irreversible damage.

I like this thing a lot and mostly shoot at it from 35 yards bench rest. Punching paper all the time can get boring. Spinner targets are fun and I say worth the money. One thing to keep in mind with metal targets is the already mentioned lead debris. I find it amazing that soft lead at subsonic speed disintegrates as much as it does. Pic 4 gives you an idea what you would be putting in your backyard if you were to just stick this target in the ground.

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