Filling, Fun, and meetups. - St. Petersburg!?

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Filling, Fun, and meetups. - St. Petersburg!?
« on: May 04, 2018, 12:44:53 PM »
Hello all! [size=78%]Looking for some like minded PCP ers. Quick venting, [/size]then[size=78%] my evil plan! [/size]

VENTING - Had a weird experience with a local shop here a year ago. But they are the only shop that I was aware of that carried higher end air rifles despite not being an actual shop that specializes in them. That wasn't a killer for me since they hit the button on some of our other hobbies. Metal detecting, and spearfishing. They fill tanks on top of it all. Put off by the experience, hadn't been back for a year. Fast forward to recent. They sell the 2 brands I was after and I asked for a specific gun with accessories and was told the specific guy was out to lunch, will get back in touch later in the day. I'm a patient person, but it took a week of me following up to get any headway. Finally decided that maybe I needed to shop elsewhere after the combined 2 separate experiences and do my less expensive business with him.

Showed up to get my 3 tanks filled/ topped off and my gun. The owner saw me, knew what I was there for and saw his employees didn't have a clue but left always. Tanks weren't filled, and as a matter of fact ended up with substantially less air because they kept opening the valves and venting to atmosphere. Scratched my new gun trying to use the wrong fill foster as well. Then told me it was like that. Literally took the gun out of the mail/ box, shot 2 shots, cleaned the barrel and went to take it from 150bar to 250bar at the shop.  -

They offered to let me borrow a shop tank and swap me when I come back in. Fine. Come back next day, tank still not filled and I waited another hour only to have the owner go to lunch again. The plan was to buy a scope, rings, bipod, 4 fills, discuss a fill station through him, and update the hydros on the tanks. SO not a slouch, was looking to give local the business.

Frustrated and left...

NOW - I need to fill my tanks, and my fill whip has vanished. Ordered another one and it will be here next week. Anyone local able to fill mine over the weekend? Or just my gun for now?

EVIL PLAN -  Ok so, I'm going to just grab the scope, rings, bipod, etc. offline.  - But the real nice thing, going to invest in a nice fill station and a couple Bulk tanks to help out others in the sport that might be local. Already the neighbors have started asking questions and 2 have ordered setups for themselves.

Any locals have property permissions for hunting? Willing to fill or top off others guns?

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