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Just got a question from someone about the proposed raffle build so I thought I best give everyone an update. First, my excuses. You should see my shop. LOL
I finally got fed up with paying $100 a month for storage and that many of my shop tools were still in there. So last weekend I finished moving everything from storage to the new shop. It is a mess, boxes stacked everywhere that I WILL make time to go through. But I cleared out a bench and my lathe to get going on this build. Between organizing and message traffic pertaining to the Fun Shoot and all of the other chores I have to deal with, I am having a hard time finding any spare time for bench therapy. But I also do not want to rush this project, it's looking like it will be awesome.
Just as reminder from the poll I initiated, the next raffle airgun will be a custom built .22cal Gen2 MRod in a wood stock. I have it all disassembled and all pieces parts on the bench. Thanks to Travis and Jacob of JSAR the build will have a new light weight aluminum tube as well as the SS valve. I have machined a light weight MD Delrin hammer and set it up with an internal SSG with a fairly light spring. I'm presently waiting on my new digital scale to come in so I can see exactly the weight of the hammer before assembling.
I've also started creating the external power adjuster/onboard degas tool. Things are shaping up and I hope to make better progress this weekend. When I get everything ready, I'll snap a few photos to add showing the progression. I WANT to get this one together and raffled off before the Fun Shoot. But, if I don't, it should be at the Fun Shoot to see I person but will be up for raffle here on the forum. I really have a goal of shooting it across the chrony this weekend. So please bear with me. Save up your money and jot down you winning numbers.
And as always....
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

I'm subscribed Dave 8) 

What you talking 'bout "subscribed"? Heck, I'm saving nickels for numbers.

I think I'm going for two numbers this time Bill 8)

Hot dog! I feel like a winner already!


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