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Boss RP kit coming for my 2400kt


I just ordered the BossRP valve/port/spring kit on eBay for my 2400KT, which has a 14.6Ē barrel. Looking forward to trying it out, as I was a little underwhelmed by the 2400 when I got it. Seemed to be shooting about to the same level as my old Crosman 116 bulk co2 pistol. Hoping your set will give it some more punch.
Still considering bolt probe options. I donít want something that makes it harder to load...with the scope mounted, itís a little tight as is.

Congrats! The RP will give you some of the oomph you are after and won't waste as much CO2 as a BOSS does on shorter barrels. I use the RP up to 18" barrels.

The extended probes (when pulled back) are well out of the way for me. I usually thumb the pellets most of way into the leade.

I'm using an extended probe in my 2240 under a scope with no problem.  You just need to develop a technique.


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