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Banned From YouTube

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Keyser Soze:
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my channel "Edgun West" has been terminated by Youtube because they stated I violated their "Community Guidelines".  They feel airguns are dangerous and I can only guess because I taught people how to modify and work on airguns they deemed this "harmful to minors."  I appealed this decision, but I was unable to get Youtube to change their mind.  I have been banned from emailing them again.  I am not going to let me stop making videos or sharing them.  I started this just having fun, and I was encouraged by Ernest to make DIY videos.  This passion eventually led me to import the gun I love above all others "the EDgun".  If I stop making videos, it will change my whole business model.  I know my videos are wordy and not polished ( I envy Steve's and Matt's professional editing) but I like making no-frills videos.  I hope me going to a new hosting service won't prevent people from seeing my videos, but I am left without another option. 

Here is my replaced video for the R5 .30, and as I stated before, there will be more in the series

Thanks for understanding 

sorry to hear about the ban ... thanks for the video.   the groups did look very nice at 100 yards

nice shooting on the cans as well

That is absolutely silly.  With all the blatant harmful content that can be found on youtube, I can't even attempt to follow the logic on that decision. 

A million videos of 18 year old half-wits loading shotgun shells with nails, etc. and shooting cars, and responsible hobbyists and airgun maintenance is where they make a stand?  I'd sign a petition if that would help.


It's PC trolling by social progressives against anything / anyone  they don't like; i.e. conservatives, hunting, airguns, firearms, pest control..  The list is too great to go into here.

It is really a shame for as they lessen our 1st amendment and 2nd amendment rights they are undermining their own.  By the time they wake up it will be too late.

This is quickly becoming a huge issue with anyone that does not agree with the views of the persons that review the videos. I have had several videos removed as of late that have been on there for more than 11 years without issues until the last year. There were no reasons given other than "we have deemed that this video violates our community guidelines", their blanket statement that covers them legally. It is saddening that in order to push their own agenda or ideals they silence others. I will leave it at that so as to not bring up a political conversation.

Disheartened that this is happening to you as well. Time to find another platform I suppose.


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