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realistic power expectations out of a 2260mb?


hey there, I've been looking at the power upgrades from alchemy on ebay... what would be realistic power expectations out of a stock 2260mb? 12fpe? 14 fpe? I plan on shooting medium weight pellets.  My plan with this gun is to upgrade it to acceptable squirrel hunting levels.

Will the boss valve, transfer port, and a power adjuster help with my goal?

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


Yes. With your 24" barrel and a desire of maximum power, get the Boss Valve (not our Boss RP as it is best for 18" and under barrel length). With the valve, port and power adjuster you should expect well into the 600's fps and 12's to 13's fpe depending on your pellet selection.

Lookout tree rats!

Awesome!  Thank you!


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