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Ninja reg pressure adjustment

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I bought two from them. One complete with a ninja bottle and one reg in a package a few months apart and they both came in as 2000 when I ordered 3000 psi. Neither one was suppose to be but I didn't do much about it because I was having health issues at the time. I've only been into PCP's for just over a year so they aren't that old. I'd have to get my receipts out if you want an exact date. I don't expect you to replace them I just want at least one putting out 3000 psi as I have two Hassan's and a discovery. On the Hatsan they will only go to 110 bar when the tank is full but top up the discovery to the fill line. I have three bottles, one I bought used, and all three bonnets say 3000 but all three put out 2000.

can you pm me your number and i can call to discuss as i want to solve this and unusual that you got 3 systems and all 3 are at 2k instead of 3k

E mail sent. Thanks Ray.

got it


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