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Ninja reg pressure adjustment

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I have a 90ci tank that's set to fill to 2000psi and I need to fill a Hatsan to 200 bar.

looking for some help adjusting the pressure. I took my reg apart and it's exactly as the picture shown with one red shim and no silver ones. I've been told to add one of the belville disk but from what I read on here I think that's wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i am sure others here can recommend a procedure but i cannot due to liability reasons.

we can adjust the reg for $20.00 plus shipping if you like.

Thanks for the offer Ray but I'm in Canada, it would cost be as much as just buying another one by the time I paid shipping there and back. I purchased this one from airgunsource thinking it was a 3000 output and got a surprise when I went to use it. The package says 3000 but it's not. What's that about?

yes it would!

As I said I purchased this as a 3000 output from airgunsource and they were the ones that told me to add a belville disk. They even mailed me three but told me to use only one. With one added you can't screw the top bonnet tight there is a very small gap. I don't think this is right.


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