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Edgun R5 .30 caliber review


Keyser Soze:

I have more videos planned for this exciting new bullpup


I really enjoyed the video!  I am considering a .30 cal and the R5 is on my list.  Wished they had a mag and the long and x-long versions were available for pricing.

Looking forward to more videos ;D

Thank you Brian for the easy to follow video. You make it look so simple. While waiting for my R5 to arrive I watched every video and read every post I could find for thr R5. The vids by ED were informative but the language barrier was hard for me to overcome, even with the Closed Caption it was hard to watch what he was doing and read the screen at the same time. I few of the vids he had a bad cold and the coughing was distracting.
 So again my thanks to you.
 Wondering what ammo you used for those 100 yard groups?
Also would you be making a short video for trigger adjustment for the R5 and post? I found one by Earnest for the R3 and suspect it may be close to the same but it would be great to see one from you.


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