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WA State 2018-2020 Hunting Regulations proposals.


Iíve been off the forums for awhile, but came by to check for an update on the WA regs. Apparently the old thread for this, and all of the legislative topics, donít allow comments anymore. Why is that?

Well here is the link for anyone interested in what WDFW is proposing and has made available for comments starting today through February 14th.

Iím really dissapointed that there is not a new addition to the Hunting
Equipment section, allowing for the use of air guns for hunting game species.   
I guess last summer when they sent out a survey asking for initial recommendations about this years round of changes, there wasnít enough interest in making the airgun change. (It was a specific question in the survey).

Iíll try calling the main office tomorrow and see if I can get anymore information, but for now Iím guess it will be another 3 years before the chance comes up again.

Rules of this forum state and have always stated no political or religious discussion. Posts on legislation ALWAYS turn into political discussions. We do have an obligation to get the word out when there are law changes that impact our airgun community. So we set up an area just for posting this important information, but not for discussion. If anyone has such information should contact a member of the admin team to have it moved to the Airgun Legislation area.

Here in TN the TWRA is also doing a survey and asking for input about hunting. I'm really on the fence with this one. Although I would love to see more restrictions removed from the use of airguns for hunting game, I certainly do NOT want to see airguns move closer to pb's. As this happens, the next steps by the powers to be are obvious. And not welcome in the airgun community IMO. Leave it at small game and airguns but let's not get involved in large game taking with airguns. Let's not destroy the freedoms we enjoy now in our sport/hobby.
I will leave this thread here for now but will need to be moved to the appropriate area also very soon.


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