John in P.a. (JIPA) doesn't get any better

Author Topic: John in P.a. (JIPA) doesn't get any better  (Read 563 times))

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John in P.a. (JIPA) doesn't get any better
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:01:11 AM »
Sent in an El Gamo 300 that had a broken spring. Comes back w/ a HW50 spring putting JSB RS 7.33's in one hole @ 30 yards. I was happy to hear my cut & crown job was good. I was ecstatic to find some extras to compliment the rifle. He wanted to buy it but I cut it down to teach my youngest Girl & Boy to shoot. There are many good tu ers. I prefer John as he's only 150 miles from me at most & I've always gotten better than expected results.
  I've learned a lot from him. One surprising thing is what I thought was a 12ftlb rifle is only 8ftlbs at most. It still puts a heck of a dent in HVAC gauge steel @ 32 yards. I definitely know it's precision that counts, not power. A good quality well tuned spring rifle from John has me rethinking everything about long range & power. I wish he tuned PCP's also. All I need is a hard hitting .30 for any Groundhog out to 150 yards. Still, the accurate .177's & .22's still have a wide usage and are capable of more than most folks think. If the rifle is tuned well and accurate, & you can read wind, flora, heat mirage, & feel wind on your skin these guns have replaced rim fire for me as there's not much a good one can't do. John is simply a Master at Spring Gun tuning. I'll be using him until he retires.
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