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358/357/356 Swage slug now available in 95 grain | Slayer | Texan | Recluse

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Finally got this slug into production.  First offering is in 95 grain.  More weights coming in the future.  79 grain will be next weight offered.  79 grains is what we tested in the Cricket with great results.  It also is very close to the weight of a 35 grain pellet.

One of my casting machines is down for the count and that machine is required to make bigger cores  for heavier weights.  My backup machine does not have the clearance and would need different pins to make the heaver weights. When my main machine gets back to me I can use the pins I have to make bigger cores which will allow me to make bigger slugs.

So far we have tested in the following guns and sizing:

Slayer .358
Texan .357
TJ Barrel in my Texan .358
Recluse .358
Cricket .357 (.356 may be better, awaiting results from tester)

I have sent for testing in Bulldog sized .357 and will update if it shoot well or not when I get results back.

Great! I may order some. Any plan to offer swaged in .358 sized 130-140 grain?

Yes, when my machine gets back for making cores I will offer in 120 and 140.

These 95gr really zip out of the slayer.
Well over 1000 fps and that's on last shot if I remember right.

I ran 2 clips over the chrono.
Shipping was pretty fast also.

Tom tuned my gun for 6 shots (probably same tune on all slayers he sales).
One could probably turn the gun down and pick up a few extra shots if you wanted with this smaller bullet over the 128gr the slayer is tuned to.

Just got off is my birthday so I took off at 1:00, I have a job to go look at then maybe I can have the rest of day off. If not I'll try to take off tomorrow.

Maybe I can try out how these shoot on a target.

Nick I wouldn't mind being a tester for the 120 gr if you need any testers.

When your able to make them that is.


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