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Hey Dave, Can I get a hand with something



I was sent here by way of my first post in the vintage airgun area.


My goal is to get a bb to stick to a bolt so that it will function in a new model 1377, I realize the steel bb's will wear on the barrel but I wont shoot them often.  I am hoping to use the BB's to calibrate ballistic gel for some ammunition testing out of my center fire pistol. I need the bb to be around 590 fps give or take 15 fpa @ 10ft.

I can always get a bb repeater from walmart that will easily do the job but I ahve always wanted to build a 1377.  This is my chance so I see no reason to let my plans go yet.

So far magnetizing the bolt, and adding magnets to either the front or the back of the bolt has been the general thought process.  After some consideration Im not against it but you were mentioned and I am hopeful that you will be able to help me in my quest for this perticular custom bolt or atleast offer some advice. 

Questions that have come up:
Will the magnet be too strong from the front to release the bb
At the front of the bolt after the magnet will there still be enough room to load a pellet
Can the magnet be attached to the back of the bolt
If attached at the back of the bolt will it interfere with anything

As a finale not I realize I can get a phase two gun but I realy dont like the rear cocking device you have to use.  I look forward to your reply.

Alex R.

A couple of thoughts after reading your post (and the thread that preceded it):

If you are at all worried about ruining a rifled barrel, then a barrel from a 760 can be cut, ported and a proper leade made. We used to make "Michigan legal" pistol barrels a few years back before some laws changed. Not a big deal.

You would need to use a steel BB (or an anodized steel BB) such as the Hornady Black Diamonds. Very good and cheap enough, too!

The magnetic bolt probe can have the permanent magnet on / as the actual tip... and would place the BB exactly where it needs to be (just after the barrel port). The release of the BB from the magnet would not be an issue... at all.

Stay away from the rear cocker for this project. I'd just go with a P1377 or 1377 as the base gun.

If you are a DIY guy... or if you need the part(s) made, call me in the evenings between 7 and 11 to discuss at length (229 344-5355). Or email me at DAVIDCGRIMES@YAHOO.COM.




Sounds great!!!

Thanks Dave,  Let me get a few more thoughts together and I will send out a detailed email.

Alex R.


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