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Can the SLP be changed to a SHP. I picked up a SLP cheap but need 1100psi not 350.

Thanks Ricky

I suspect so.  The standard 850psi regulator and the SHP regulator use the same spool, and it is possible to take the 850psi regulator and replace the coil spring with Belleville washers to reach other setpoints.   I have not opened up a SLP reg but its bonnet looks just like the SHP so I'm betting it has the same spool as well. 

The process is a bit of trial and error so you need a way to test the output pressure.  As I recall, you built a fixture to do that, right?

For the 1100psi setpoint, you will probably only need 0.032" Bellevilles plus some of the shims that usually come with the Ninja regulators.

Refer to Bob's thread for more details.

I have the stack configuration for the SLP and SHP. I downloaded the manual. Are the belleville washers all the same? The ones on this reg are of 2 different colors. Top half are bright silver while the bottom half are dull looking.

Nope, there are at least three different thicknesses of Belleville washers, 0.022", 0.032", and .047".... You will need the 0.032" for 1100 psi, as Jason said.... I've never had an SLP apart, I'm a bit surprised they even use Bellevilles, because the 850 psi regulator just uses a coil spring.... My guess is they are the 0.022", or even thinner.... My spreadsheet shows you should be able to hit about 600 psi with twelve of the 0.022" in series, so 350 psi would be in the middle of the range.... If the piston (spool) is the same, I see no reason you shouldn't be able to reconfigure the reg. to do what you want....


Have you measured their thicknesses to see how they compare?  For example, I have encountered a mix of 0.032" and 0.035"...hard to distinguish a difference in thickness with the naked eye but they had a slightly different finish.


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