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Airguns you shot as a kid

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I will start things off with my list of childhood airguns...
Even at 5 years old, I had a scrapbook of guns. I mainly had air guns in it as I somehow knew they would come first. I was like a magnet when it came to guns, wanting to learn as much as I could. That never changed.

Crosman 760 BB still have it
Crosman 150 .22 loaned to me by a friend
Crosman single six loaned to me by a friend
Daisy 25 BB pump handed down from my older brother
Daisy Red Rider BB
Crosman MKII .177 still have it, needs rebuilt
Crosman 1322 I think, had tootsie roll handle
Daisy 120 .177
Crosman 312 my most prised air gun
Most have dissapeared somehow as I never sold or traded any
Now, 50 years later, the airgun bug has bit me again.


all i ever had was a daisy 840. and i LOVED it. followed me into the woods almost every day after school. I must have put 10,000 bbs through it, never could afford pellets...I even broke the compression chamber once, wrote a nice letter to daisy asking what i could do, and they replied with a replacement part, no charge. Good days.

Oh my I had lots of em half of I don't even remember what they were. A few crossman Pumps 770/760?A few 880's a few co2 pistols a couple break barrels do not remember brand. Had an M16 type air rifle single pump. Don't know the brand on that either. Never had a red Ryder but had 2or3 Daisy lever actions. And of course the 72dan I still own. Still have one of the Daisy lever actions also but the BB rolls out the barrel when shot. Was I the only one that left their BB's outside and still shot them rusted after wiping off the dust? Lol the good ol days.

I had a Daisy 1894 when I was around ten years old(I am 63 now). Man, I loved that gun. Birds and bugs didn't stand a chance in my neighborhood.

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
I started of with a Daisy pump BB gun and then somewhere around 1958 I received a Sheridan 20cal. Blue Streak, the type with the hold down safety.  My older brothers had pump pellet guns that were made ( after WWII ) in the later 1940's or early 1950's but I don't recall, for sure, the name of the manufacturers.  One was a 22cal. and the other was a 177cal.  The 177 cal,  was my brother Bob's. It had a tootsie role style hand pump and "as I recall", was nickel plated. (I think ? - It has been 60 years or so since I've seen them).    -     Best Wishes to All.   -    Tom


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