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Ball seat seal

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Hi Everone, new to this forum. My question is where can I order to purchase a ball seat seal for my ninja fill station? I am referring to the white seal or ball seat that is inset in the 4500 psi regulator, this on the newer style regulator where the ball is not visible from the top of the regulator it is slightly recessed below. I would take a picture, but now it is holding air and not leaking from this seat so I don't want to mess with it, but would like to get a new one as I am sure this is not going to last. Any help would be appreciated.



given your location try airgun source in Ontario

otherwise i can help you

Hi Ray,
I already tried Airgun source and they do not have the seal I am referring too. I purchased a ball valve kit from a paintball shop online with the green seal but of course it was not the correct size. The regulator kits include what they call a ball seat would this be the correct size?


Just wanted to give a shout out to Ray and Ninja. Ray was able help me out with the correct seal for the ball seat and I am back and running again. Much appreciated for the excellent customer service.

Thanks Ray.


Nice to hear they fixed you up. I just had to re-oring my compressor and now my seal on the tank is leaking. I guess the air gun gods don,t want me to shoot. Seems like Ninja would put out a kit for these regulators.


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