A Big "Thank You" To Motorhead!

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A Big "Thank You" To Motorhead!
« on: November 13, 2016, 01:01:53 PM »
A little over a month ago I bought a .25 Marauder off another site classifieds.  Upon receiving it all was good, put a scope to it and started getting used to it.  Dead on accurate,  but when I tried to test it on a HOSP in my back yard, I hit it at 20yrds, I swear it looked at me before flying off.

Put the gun up, went out grabbed a chronograph low 500's... no sweat let me fill 'er up and try this again.
Low 500 dropping to high 400's... something is wrong here. 

So I spent the rest of the day and into the night watching YouTube and reading up how to adjust the power, but when I set it for max power no changes.

Shot Motorhead a 'pm and asked him if he had the time to look at it, and we agreed on a time since he is 30mins away from me, that I would drop it off to him.

A couple days later he called me and told me he had gone through it and had it ready for me to pick up, but since there was nothing seriously wrong with the gun, and since it was in the hands of a tuner, why not upgrade.
Since there was a WAR valve listed on GTA, I grabbed it from a member here who just happened to be sending a gun into Motorhead to get some work done, so he sent the valve along with his gun.
Then I emailed Travis at WAR and had him send a SSG down so it could be added as well.
 Scott suggested a trigger job as well, which why wouldn't you get it he trigger worked on, though I hadn't had it in my original thinking, but that's what professional folks do they know what you want and how to get you there.

Completely different gun now Scott, day and night from when I first picked it up.  Going to scope it up and see what I can get into, but wanted to take a few mins to thank Scott for the very fast turnaround, and for anyone on the fence of letting him work on their guns, he really knows his stuff, A+++!

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