Rules & Targets for the 10 Meter Off Hand Air Rifle Match

Author Topic: Rules & Targets for the 10 Meter Off Hand Air Rifle Match  (Read 1560 times))

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Rules & Targets for the 10 Meter Off Hand Air Rifle Match
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:41:12 AM »
Rules for 10 Meter Off Hand Air Rifle Match

Distance is 10 meters (32 feet, 10 inches).  The shooter should not be over the "Firing Line"....his/her foot or feet should just touch the firing line/paint and not on it. The arm or arms and barrel can be over the firing line.  All shots MUST be from the standing offhand position.  If you have health issues and need to shoot offhand from a chair, have at it, but don't prop your elbows on any surface.

Five shots per target on 4 targets, four shots per target on 5 targets, or, if your groups are too tight, 2 shots per target at 10 targets (bordered bulls on 12 bull targets are for practice and do not count for score); for a total of 20 shots for score. A possible 200 points.
Shots are scored according to the highest value of the target scoring zone or ring that is touched by a circle centered over the shot with a diameter equal to your pellet caliber.  A scoring gauge or the head of a wadcutter pellet comes in handy for this (the pellet skirt may be too large).  If any part of a scoring ring (demarcation line between the scoring zones) is touched by the circle, including even the outside edge of the scoring ring line, the shot is scored the higher value of the two scoring zones.  In order to score an "X," the entire circle must remain within the 10 ring (this exception only affects calibers larger than 177).

Time limit for this match is 20 minutes (25 minutes allowed for multi-pump rifles).

Please indicate the match name, match number and the date when the match was shot on the target sheet.

Please post the following information for your entry along with a scan of your target sheet:

Caliber and Pellet

Target sheet posted must have been shot during the inclusive dates for the applicable match number.  It must not have been used (or to be used) in another match.

Targets for this Match are attached below.
 Purchased Gamo target cards can also be used for this match if shot consecutively as a single intended match entry.
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