Badgerland AirGun Association(BAGA) July 16, 2016 Field Target Match Report in B

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Hello Everyone,
 So we have another GREAT field target match at Badgerland AirGun Association(BAGA) in Bristol, Wi in the books!  The weather was just perfect all day long!  Actually tooo perfect since there was no real wind in the course.  That caused our scores to go up a bit but nobody cleaned the course so there was still enough challenge for the day.  It turned out to be 80 and sunny all day long with literally 2-4mph winds up in the sight in range which equates to about none in the wooded, valley we have our course carved out of.  The course was set to a 36.67 troyer without any dark lanes factored in.  If I included points for dark lanes the troyer crept up to 39.09.  That said, this was a shorter course than we normally shoot at BAGA and some of the regular members let me know they thought it was too easy in their opinion.  I said that is cool with me!  I will be working on the course next Saturday to lengthen it to make it more challenging to everyone.   Next match will surely be up around 40 T without any factors added in.

This match we ended up with 16 lanes, with 2 targets per lane, and 2 shots per target for 64 total shots for the day.  We had 1 lane offhand(lane 10) and 1 lane kneeling(lane 13), the remainder were from the normal free position.  We did add lanes 15 and 16 up on the left side of the sight in range to try to place targets in the open so wind will affect the pellets but there was still not enough wind to create headaches for many of the experienced shooters today.  Lane 16 I put a ¾” squirrel out at 20 yards but up 30 feet in the air and most of the shooters still did quite well on it.  There were only 4 missed shots on that target all day long.

We had 11 shooters participate today of which 4 were Hunters and 7 were in the Open class though 2 of them were shooting WFTF, but since there were only 2 WFTF, they are counted in the Open class with all the big boys. 

Harold Schmidt came out to see what BAGA’s wooded field target course has to offer for his very first field target match.  Harold came to BAGA during the winter months and has been a mainstay now since arriving from California. Though this is his first match, you would not tell by looking at him!  He is draped in a Creedmoor hardback jacket, 5.11’s and funky hat like all us kooks!  He definitely looks the part, so once he gets some matches under his belt, he is going to be well on his way to spending his retirement fund on GP events!!!  Great job Harold on your first match and shooting in WFTF to boot!  Nothing like starting at the bottom of the hill and looking straight up!!!  You are going to do well in the future my friend.  I look forward to charting your progress from here.  Harold ended the day with 32/64.

Bill Dickerson joined us again for his 2nd match ever and ended up improving nicely to post a 35/64.  Nice improvement and you will only be going up from there.  Bill comes to us with Jeff Reinert, owner of Trenier Outdoors in Sparta, Wi.  Bill picked up a new rifle after the match so keep your eyes on his scores.  Once he gets some time under his belt with the Hammerli AR20 FT he picked up, he will be lighting up the score boards for sure!!!

Ken Hohenstein backed up his first ever win last month with another win in Hunter this month with an impressive 58/64.  That includes 1 missed shot for a trigger pulled with his bolt open so he could have had 59/64 had that not have happened to him.  Phil Eakley was right on Ken’s heels with a 57/64 so Ken had no room for errors down the stretch.  Bill Zinaveah had dang heart surgery mid-winter and has been out here improving every weekend he can get out to the range to practice.  Bill put up an impressive 49/64 and is showing that he knows how to get it done on the FT course.  Awesome job Bill!!!  You keep getting better and better every match and it is great to see it at your age.  You still have the passion needed to perform well in this sport and it is awesome to see it.  You Sir are an inspiration to all of us.  Keep up the good work, awesome job!!!

In the Open class, shooting WFTF, Brian Vandenboom took top honors with a 62/64.  Brian missed his 4th offhand shot and his first shot on a 32 yard ½” kz for his only dropped shots for the match.  Close behind him was Bill Kushner with another great match with 60/64 for 2nd place.  Brandon Carroll pulled out a close 3rd place over Ron Weber and Don Carkhuff with a 56/64.  Both Ron and Don ended the day with 55/64 so the race was tight for spots 3, 4, 5 today.

All in all, another awesome day in the woods with the BAGA Crew!  Come on out and see what BAGA has to offer.  The pics don’t really do the course justice, you have to see it to enjoy it.

Here is a list of shooters with gear.

Brian Vandenboom……Steyr LG110BV(WFTF)….Sightron 10-50x60…JSB 7.87….62/64
Bill Kushner…Steyr LG100AZ….Nikko Sterling 10-50…CP 10.5….60/64
Brandon Carroll…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50x60…JSB 10.3…56/64
Ron Weber…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50x60…CP 10.5…55/64
Don Carkhuff…ZM2002…NF36x…JSB 10.3…55/64
Jeff Reinert…S500…Sightron 10-50x60…JSB 10.3…48/64
Harold Schmidt…FTP 900(WFTF)…Sightron 10-50x60…AA 8.44…32/64

Ken Hohenstein…BSA R10…Optisan Viper…JSB 10.34…58/64
Phil Eakley…TM1000…Optisan Viper…JSB 10.34…57/64
Bill Zinaveah…LG110AZ…Optisan Viper…AA 10.34…49/64
Bill Dickerson…Brocock Compatto…Optisan Viper…JSB 15.89(.22)…35/64

Here are some pics of the match and score board.
<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

here is a link to all of the pics from the day.

Hope you all enjoy,

[linked image]
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