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Would YOU order a .177 Vulcan Bullpup or Tactical Rifle if we had a GTA Special?

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Joe Brancato:
Would YOU order a .177 Vulcan Bullpup or Tactical Rifle if we had a GTA Special?
How about a .22 or .25?

The GTA community has always been supportive.  I've heard a lot of talk about people wanting a Vulcan .177 Bullpup. I ALWAYS have Vulcan .22 and .25 Bullpups and Tactical Rifles in stock, but not .177.  I'm going to order a few .177 for inventory, but when they go, then it will take time to get more. If you had the opportunity to get one AND at a discount, would you order one? 

The GTA Forum members will receive a $100 discount off the prices below IF YOU PRE-ORDER, and another $50 if you purchase with either an Aeon or Hawke Scope (no pre-order needed for scope).

Price for any .177, .22, .25 Bullpup is normally $1549.   If you pre-order you will receive a $100 discount = $1449.  ($50 deposit required)  We don't need your money to finance our purchase, so the $50 is only so that you go through with the deal and don't cancel. Simple as that.
Price if you put down $50 deposit & purchase a scope is only $1399. 
Price of scopes can be found here:

You can call me at 714-907-0067 between 8AM-6PM Pacific to order.

Let us know if you are interested. If this gets positive feedback, we'll continue making GTA Specials like this.

Old Corps:
I'd like to se a "GTA Special" on your tanks. ;)


Yeah.  Tank special, tank special,  tank special,  tank special....I could go on, but I already sound like a clown. ....

Good deal Joe and if I was in the market then yes, I would buy,
but unfortunately I can't afford that level pcp yet.

I am a Daystate man myself, but am considering a Steyr or a TM1000 after I get a compressor for my Great White. :)


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