Attn FT shooters near Montrose, CO

Author Topic: Attn FT shooters near Montrose, CO  (Read 463 times))

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Attn FT shooters near Montrose, CO
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:16:39 PM »
If anyone nearby, or otherwise, would like to join me for some FT shooting.....I have a nice 48 shot course set up in a poplar tree farm in Montrose, CO.  I practice there 3-5 times per week after work or sometimes before.  I'm open to any shooting time, though.

The course is set up at the expert level 38 Troyer not accounting for wind, or light conditions.  It's a good training facility.  The course is setup in a circular fashion, so no matter what the wind get to experience it from all angles.  Shaded almost all day, and the bugs are few.

PM me if interested.

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