BAGA FT match report from May 14, 2016 in Bristol, Wisconsin

Author Topic: BAGA FT match report from May 14, 2016 in Bristol, Wisconsin  (Read 622 times))

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Hey Everyone, I typically write a nice match report, but Alex beat me to it this time so here is his report from our club website.  There are pics in the report on our site.  click here to see the pics Alex took.

Season opener was more like our usual Wisconsin season closers >  The temperature never got above 45 and there were even sprinkles of "white stuff" at one point. The course was 13 lanes for a 52 shot match. The set was done the day before and was rather loosely planned. No shots past 53 yards, but still some small ones a bit farther than an easy shoot would have them. Eleven shooters braved both the elements and the first FT match of the season jitters. Thanks to the “Up North” crowd for making the trek - this time Tony did out-shoot Lisa, so the Roman's are now tied at one match will be the tie breaker. Jeff came down with them and was even able to accomplish some business to a Chicagoland customer and maybe new BAGA shooter.

The course was extremely wet, as there was plenty of rain the night before. Unfortunately the wood chips did not absorb all the liquid and there were some muddy spots to forge. Still that didn't seem to make too much difference for many of the shooters, especially Phil and Vlad, who performed quite well. Phil in his best hunter style, set the course high at 47 out of 52. Vlad did it using normal Open standards, and shot a 46. That's not bad for a couple of physically hurting fellas....

Boomer and Don C shot open in WFTF style, but I really think I liked Don's shooting jacket better than Boomers. Boomer is taking this game very seriously and gaining ground on the top national shooters, today even going against his doctors best recommendations and fighting a bacterial eye infection in both eyes that should not even let him drive, let alone shoot for a third place finish and top WFTF shooter.

Bill Zinaveah came out to strut his stuff, with all of his 79 years of experience living on this globe, and showed us all what we can still accomplish when we become octogenarians. Not to mention again that he shot a couple of perfect IFP targets this winter and of course also spent several weeks in hospital and recuperation from some major heart ailments that probably would not have anyone else coming back.... at ALL!!!

This was a combo match with the IFP Banquet and Awards following, so that means that Ron and Bill K, spend double duty - shooting and cooking and setting up all in less than 24 hours - cheers to them. Also, I can now officially confirm that I am willing to bet my retirement fund that Ron makes the best burger in the Universe... I will break every diet I am on to have one of his burgers and it's probably not even correct to call it a burger ...

Okay, that's enough for a Season Opener - you want to hear more, come out on June 11th and participate in both the shoot and food.... then you'll really know and experience the BAGA fun...


Here is a pic of the final score board.
<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

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