one week out for the NTAGM March 26 shoot near Fort Worth

Author Topic: one week out for the NTAGM March 26 shoot near Fort Worth  (Read 2068 times))

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one week out for the NTAGM March 26 shoot near Fort Worth
« on: March 19, 2011, 08:40:38 PM »
Looks like either a slight chance of rain or none at all depending on which website I checked.  Just in case we do have to postpone for weather reasons to April 2 please make sure I have contact information good for the Friday before the shoot.  Also if you plan on coming but haven't notified me yet please do so.  Here is who I have coming so far:
Roald   A
Robert   B
Paul    B
Ron   B
Bruce   D
Bob   D
David   E
Bryan   E
Carl    G
Scott   H
Buddy   H
Cris   L
Bill   M
Daniel   N
Michael   P
Chris   R
Paul    S
Mike   V
Tommy   W
Ronald   W

Looking forward to it!
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Re: one week out for the NTAGM March 26 shoot near Fort Worth
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 11:42:51 PM »
Hello all.  Looks like we dodged the bullet on that one weather wise.   So lets talk about Saturday.  I have four pounds of hot dogs and a couple of pounds of bratwurst just cause and a case of something called Hinnykin? (I think it comes from East Texas) for Roald to make friends with.  I could use about five bags of ice and items to go with them such as chips, etc so if you feel the urge on the ice give me a call so I can coordinate things so we don't end up with a pile of ice.  Figure bring what ever you like to eat in addition, wish that guy from Houston would come back with some of those big gulf shrimp that were so tasty.  Several have asked about bringing tables and other items.  I have five of the wooden tables that seat three max and three of the plastic ones that seat two max so it wouldn't hurt to have one to two more.  I cut down the small tree and now the area is mulched all the way from the live oak to the house/facilities so no one has a bad location (sorry Buddy, Dano, Steve) in my opinion.  Six plastic chairs to shoot from so those are definitely needed and several to just sit in an watch the show.  The chrony will be setup on an end table to save space.  I have the "beta" gun rack up which has room for 57 long guns.  Again if Roald wants to bring steaks and grill for everyone he is welcome to.  I hear he makes a wonderful South African salsa.  If it seems like I am picking on Roald it's just because we missed his sorry *&#.   Don't worry about shade, we have several awnings to handle that.  And thanks to my two year old water heater failing I have one of those big fans for air since it's going to be on the warm side.  I will also stop by and see Bruce tomorrow and get my tanked filled for what it is worth.
One thing I would encourage if you bring targets and you can never have enough targets is to mark them.  Last time we looked like a Steel Plinkers demo.  Also please resisit the temptation of shooting little furry animals, peaches, flying insects, etc and just stick to the targets on the ground.  My neighbors behind me have horses and lately I have found boys roaming the creek bed behind the fence, can't really blame them.  Really a safety issue, just want to be extra careful and not ruin a good thing.  So far the neighbors have been supportive of the events.
And could someone bring a camera to record the event.  Photography is not a strength of mine.  As always call me  817-919-5260 if you have questions and see you Saturday.
Here is the list of attendees as it stands now.  If not on the list but you want to come no problem but please let me know so I can make sure we have tables for you.
Roald Antwerpen
Paul  Bracaglia
Ron Bradford
Bruce Dodson
Bob Dye
David Enoch
Bryan Enoch
Carl  Grishom
Scott Holdridge
Buddy Holland
Cris LePage
Bill Malm
Martin mr9ball
Daniel  Nelson
Michael Plaxco
Chris Rogenski
Paul  Self
Dennis Sherman
Mike Vredenberg
Tommy Wade
Ronald Woodruff
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Re: one week out for the NTAGM March 26 shoot near Fort Worth
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2011, 11:18:26 PM »
Just wanted to thank everyone that came over to play in my backyard. Last count I had was 25. Great having Roald back in town and what's not to love he brought a compressor but then he didn't offer to fill my tank what's with that. Plus the rare event where both David and Bryan Enoch are at the same shoot, should have had my picture taken with them. Great day of shooting, just some wind. And we had several new faces which I hope will become regulars. Paul and Martin for driving out two weekends in a row what troopers. Ronald for making the long drive from Wolfe City. Special thanks to Chris, Bob, Bill, Carl, Tommy, etc for showing up early and helping to setup. Side note to Alan and Susan, not often we see both an x navy seal and an attractive female at our all male soiree. Thanks to Garry for giving boom rides, not something you often see at these shoots. Sorry no pics other then Susan up in the cherry picker with Garry, hopefully someone can post. As always a pleasure seeing everyone.



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