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Moving my shop


I am moving my shop in the first few weeks of December off the mountain I live on now back to the flat lands.  Sad to move from such a pretty place to live and so close to shooting areas. The person running my animal trapping business is leaving and we need to move closer to our office so my wife can take our business back over.  I will still be making ammo on a full time basis.

I should be able to complete orders on a timely basis if they are placed during this time. If an order is placed that I feel will be delayed I will let that person know right away and they can wait or cancel order as they feel fit. Feel free to email us before placing an order during this time and we can give an update to our situation.

Thank you to all that have ordered and help test our airgun ammunition.

I moved most of my shop yesterday and even had a chance to make a few rounds with new tooling I received.

Some new slugs here:

Still a long way to go to get it set up and everything put away but took a few pics before leaving last night.

The machine with the light on is my Corbin swaging press.  The gray drawers on the bench on right is where I store all my punches, those drawers are almost full of dies and punches.  The black trays above those drawers are all my sizers divided by caliber.  The red reloading presses attached to the bench - first one is a progressive reloader which will be coming off and the other is a single press installed upside down and used for sizing bullets.

I have an auto sizer coming which will sit where the progressive press is now.  At the far end of room on right will go my auto casting machine when it arrives.

Very nice setup Sir.
Looks like you will be back up to full production soon   
Thank you for the post and pictures



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