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Upcoming 45 and 50 caliber diabolo pellets

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I have been working on some designs for diabolo pellets for 45 and 50 caliber.  They have made me molds for both calibers but the size is not to spec so they sent me some samples to shoot anyway to see what they do.

The picture shows a 45 caliber weighing 172 grains and a 18 grain 22 JSB under it. The right diabolo is 50 caliber with a 25 caliber, 27 grain slug I swaged under it.

I will have multiple molds of each caliber, all the same, which will go into a semi-auto caster so I can mass produce these and keep costs down.  This ammo will be cheaper than my swaged ammo considerably because I can make it so much quicker.

It will still be a little while depending on testing. I won't start producing until they are tested and all the molds are made for each caliber.  Because diabolo pellets are not as picky to twist rates, these, in theory, should shoot in most guns very accurate.

There is more cool ammo in the pipeline as well and will update as we get closer.

Would love people to chime about ammo they think would be good for the mass market as well as what they think about these pellets. 

Nice!  Can't wait to see your results.

The 50 cal. tweaks my interest. Any idea on the weight and diameter?


I would like to try these in my DAQ .458.

The weight of 50 cal in this version came out to 198 grains, 45 was 172 grains.  These weights may change slightly in the final version. This is a trial run for both calibers and this mold may, and probably will be remade.  The diameter is something we are testing so we don't know what it will end up yet.


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