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These last 7 weeks have been a wild ride for the better !!   The wife & I decided it was time for a change deciding mutually our furniture store and ( wifes side ) family buisness of 83 years had come to an end.  It had been my ship to / from address for air gun servicing these past 6 years.  We closed the store liquidating 12,000 sq ft of vintage furnishing & home decor .... SEMI RETIREMENT  8) 8) 

So, as a general FYI .... those seeking my Tuning services & inquires, PLEASE NOTE the following  ;)

Motorheads Air Gun Tuning Services,
Has a NEW ship too address ( We closed our Furniture store after 83 years )
As of JUNE 21 2017 any and all USPS / UPS / FedX parcels or mail will be directed to the following address.
*Please include Full contact information, return shipping address & type or specific tuning information we will be performing to your air gun.

Motorheads AG Tuning Services
ATTN: Scott Schneider
685 Placerville Dr.
Placerville CA 95667
Cel # 916 201-7237

Yes, we are back in the shop and taking tuning jobs of previous inquire and current inquires as well ...

Thank You,
Scott Schneider

** PM me for E-mail contact information, Thank You
See: ( Professional Air Gun Tuners )

Congrats Scott. That had to be tough closing it up, but now you have a great "retirement" ahead of you.

Why should I care? I will never meet Motorhead and I will never go to Placerville CA. But I do. A place of furniture respite and the tranquility of age, the patina a use. Another one gone and the market crowding to mass produced melamine covered custom wood and air driven staples. For some reason I imagine the store stocked old style furniture.
Semi retirement; nice to dream about but never give up. Just a redirection of energy.
Retirement is not what it's cracked up to be.

 You are and have been a boon for the airgun world Scott and many airgunners have benifited from your expertise, My self personally have learned much from you and do congratulate you on the new step in life. It is a sad thing though that in our life time we are seeing the end of mom and pops stores. And believe me there is a lot of us that care my friend.  David

So, you gonna teach the wife how to repair air guns now?


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