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Slugs/Solids/Bullets / Re: Incorrect slug diameters?
« Last post by rsterne on Today at 12:24:10 PM »
Lead is so soft that the narrow tips on a caliper can indent it easily and give you an undersize reading by a thou or so.... I always use the wider part of the caliper, and close very gently, when measuring pellets or slugs.... Likewise, with micrometers, you have to be careful not to crush the lead, it is VERY easy to do because of the mechanical advantage of the screw thread of the Mike....

I had my last cigarette in 2013, but some times I may smoke a pipe like 3 times a year maybe.
Sounds good. That amount of reg creep is nothing so that is good. Hopefully it doesn’t work itself up from where you initially had it set at 1500. When you shoot you definitely should have a bit of a pause between shots to give that reg a chance to recover. This is especially true when new as it will get better with break in. You are definitely right about the stock. Utter junk. They probably should have just made it wood. The wood stock is actually quite nice in my opinion.

I actually moved it up a little last night to 1600psi and this morning it was 1700, so the reg creep is very very little especially for a new gun. Pressure gauge was aired to 4000psi and this morning it is still at 4000psi ;-  )

Will shoot her a little this afternoon to be sure of my sight settings and re check the reg and see where she now sits after shooting. Will shoot about 10 shots to get a good idea how she does, will give it a minute between shots.

Will then shoot her this Friday for her maiden outdoor adventure !

Air Gun Gate / Re: What airgun related did you do today?
« Last post by Ronno6 on Today at 12:06:20 PM »
I had to replace the rust pitted shroud on the latest Crosman Model.1.
The tapered shrouds I have are the 766C shrouds, rather than the original 799E shroud......
The "C" has a tad smaller ID at the muzzle than the "E" shroud.
That necessitated turning the sleeve on the barrel straw down to fit.
Fortunately, I have a lathe...........

Pretty rifle now.
Never too late to quit, Mr. Bill!

Oh, most of my coworkers who smoke are women, and almost all of them have another pack or 2 in their bags  ;D

Hmm, there is not a day or second I don’t crave it  :P
Slugs/Solids/Bullets / Re: Incorrect slug diameters?
« Last post by Madd Hatter on Today at 12:03:10 PM »
calipers generally are +/- .001 for accuracy for the most part many are worse...

I use an inexpensive mic but honestly not really sure how accurate that the user is either.... but Fowler says ± .00016" accuracy...

I mean we are talking taking a human hair splitting it 30 times and the stacking 5 of those and that would be about .0005

and we are measuring something soft... in the end the barrel will like what it likes... but anyways calipers  I would double check with a micrometer first before complaining...
I agree totally. I have some mititoya mics and a starrett mic with a 1 inch standard. Problem with calipers is they flex a lot more than a mic will.
Hunting Gate / Re: Two for Tuesday Chippers
« Last post by ranchibi on Today at 12:03:00 PM »
Stephen, that is some excellent recon on your part getting them before they use their TPD's to scidaddle outta there! Great shooting and photos!
Kevin, have you also looked at the RTI offerings? They have the new Prophet 2 series that also sport CZ barrels and some HP options coming soon...their first Gen's are incredible too, lots of power and power plenums available. Very efficient too. Light, powerful & accurate.
Speaking of RTI, I just bought a Used RTI Priest Ceracote .30 cal, came with 4 mags and a moderator, just bought it on AoA used section Cheap$$$$ if there is anything wrong with it I can fix it, I will probably do a complete O-ring replacement anyway, it looks simple and it looks nice and light.

Thanks for all the replies, even though I bought a different gun, I couldn't pass on the deal.... ;D ;D ;D ;)
Welcome New Members / Re: Thank you for the add
« Last post by Jshooter71 on Today at 12:00:56 PM »
Outstanding, Juan! Welcome to the GTA!!!
Welcome New Members / Re: Introduction
« Last post by Jshooter71 on Today at 12:00:11 PM »
Outstanding, Carl! Welcome to the GTA!!!
-Yes, I believe the GRT-3 is the one you want.
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