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triple shot

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Three hour's of hunting this morning produced these three suspect's. The first guy on the left was taken at 25yrd's with a side fusebox shot and the next two were playing up in the tree's and never seen me slipping in on them. Second guy on the right was another side fusebox shot at 17yrd's and the guy in the middle was a straight on shot right through the snout he was about 8ft from his buddy when his buddy tumbled from the tree and was even nice enough to hang around and pose for his shot. ;D Ed

Looks like you are in the cridder training business bro..:) Getting them to pose for there shot's.. hehe

Hehe I told him to pose for a shot and that the pic would end up in "Better Tree Den Homes and Squirrels" but I meant to tell him the "Airgun Hunting Gate", my bad lol. Ed

I have to agree with Gene.  What's up these lazy/laying around poses?  Get them to sit up, light up a cigarette, etc. for the camera  :D 

Nice shooting and brilliant sharp pics Ed!   

I think I have to get a new camera.  Mine seems to do poorly in low light conditions and close-up pics, and when the flash comes on automatically, it's too much light and they come out with a yellow-type color.  I have it set for "auto" all the time.  Maybe that's my problem, but I remember setting it for portrait, landscape, night scene, night snapshot, and a couple of other options, and I don't think it made a difference.  I should experiment more though, but for nearly $200, I thought I was getting a decent camera  (Canon Powershot A560) 3yrs ago, plus I researched it and it had great reviews.. It's probably me, but I 'll be darn if I read that 90 page manual  ;D  I started getting a headacke after the first 3-4 pages.

Looks to me they CAN'T sit up and pose. Appears they drank too much and actually spilled their strawberry marguiretta's.  :P
Alchol abuse!!!!
And GOOD shooting Ed!!!!
Happy Shooting!!!!


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