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Panther go's after the G-hogs

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One hour hunt this afternoon produced this young fella. I dropped him at 26yrds with a shot to the sweetspot and with a Beeman FTS. I'm headed back out tonight and dragging the bad 1250.22 for night patrol. I had written out a hunt story before this post but the pic file was to big and I'm saving my energy for another hunt. I had forgot the camera so I hauled him back to the ranch shot some pic's and got him dressed out and iceboxed. Ed

Again Nice shooting  Ed!  Hunter extraordinaire!

Thanks brother and I got to keep the family fed hehehe. Ed

The Knot:
Thats sweet shooting any pic's of it dressed i would like to see one

Great shot buddy,,,, shot placement doesn't get any better than that.   That one looks like he's gonna be some mighty good eatin  ;D

I'm already looking forward to your post on tonights hunt......



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