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Viper get's after the Bandit

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I would have posted first thing this morning but I had to fulfill a "Honey Do" auto repair project. I was back out and in the hide by 10:00pm and with the trail lamp's lit it was just a matter of waiting for a critter on a dinner run. We had a heavy downpour yesterday and even late into the evening all I could hear was water dripping off the canopy of tree's overhead if critter's were moving around in the brush I couldn't hear em. :( I kept a extra sharp eye on the trail and by 11:30 the first customer of the night comes strutting right in and stop's under the first lamp to do a sniff first in the air and then he sniff's the ground I'm sure he got wind of my scent on the trail. With his head still down sniffing the ground I had already settled in behind the glass and was just waiting for a nice shot...Predator away. The Predator found it's mark and he dropped back on his back leg's like he was going to sit up then drop to his side and go right into a death dance. The dance lasted for several minutes but he gave into the Predators power and finally slumped to his side. I had already reloaded during his death dance and was out from behind the hide and headed down the trail shooter at the ready. Upon arriving I gave him several pokes and was confident that he was down so I gloved up and hauled him back towards the hide while counting off some yard's, dropped em at 23yrds. I set him up for some pic's then stowed him in the game bag and called it a night since I still had to get back to the ranch and dress him out. All and all a good night and tonight the temp's are supposed to be in the low 60's so it should make for a nice relaxing evening out there.

Ed the bandit king!  ;) Nice shooting bro!

Thanks bro and the Viper in camo wanted her chance at getting a Bandit. ;) Ed

454 Big Block Chevy:
Ed, i admire your hunting trips.  I need to find a spot to go do the exact same thing.  since i now have a good .22 caliber rifle that shoots good, i intend on starting hunting more!  what is a good FPE for the hunting of such type game?  looks like about 750 fps or so from a 14.3 grain CPHP.  should be 18 fpe?  give or take.  i'm sure quite plenty of whollup!

Nice bandit busting there Ed!!
Great camo job on the hardware also.
Way to go dude.


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