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Wishing you swift and full recovery. If you can gain encouragement from learning the value of your posts, I can offer this: I read most of your posts concerning pest racoons because my uncle (now deceased) had a problem a couple of years ago. After wondering if I needed another more powerful tool, I learned from your writings that if you wait for Shadow’s favorite presentation, one .177 will perform the task - and so it did several times with my NP2.  Now, I fondly look back on those experiences with my skeptical uncle who gained new respect for his nephew. I have an idea that I am not the only one that has learned a thing or two from your posts on this forum. Thanks for helping me make those memories!

Great post Glenn. I hope Shadow is still doing well.

We are all big boys, just worry about taking care of yourself. I am sure we will here from you soon.   Mike

Oh shoot, how did I miss this?  Glad to hear from you brother Ed! 

It's lonely here with only 2 old Musketeers.  I know you 'll overcome this and be back to us better than ever to complete the team.  Looking forward to seeing you soon and reading your stories.


God bless ,take your time and get well.


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