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Life in the hide

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I've spent more hours day and night in my old hide over the years then I can remember and many a critter has been harvested from this hide that was throwing together years ago with old limbs branches and numerous tarps throwing over limb ribbing to keep Ma Nature from giving me a direct beating.

As of lately the hide has been my safe haven due to the weather which includes rain which has hung around off and on for several days putting me in the hide day or night except for some breaks in the clouds which allows me to get out and do some stalking and just get some circulation in the legs again hehe.

With rain again last night I decided to give the night pest control a short break and rest up for some Squirrel hunting in the morning and sure Ma Nature had her plans as well but ether way I'd be out there and chomping at the bit to nab a nutter.

Up before dawn and with several cups of java during there part to grease the old gears I loaded up the gear bag and shooter and headed up to my private hunting grounds and wouldn't you know it the rain starts to fall again :-\.

The resident has been out of town so no chit chat other then me looking over the Chicken coop which looked good around the fences with no knew diggings around the base from raiders if the bird meat >:(. The rain was settling into a steady heavy downpour so I quickly made my across the open field as first light began to peek over the horizon.

Made it to the hide and quickly settled in and not only has the rain picked up but heard thunder in the distance just wonderful hehe but been here before I spent one night patrol in the hide with high winds rain and thunder and lightening that will keep one on the edge of there stool but think I still nabbed a Bandit that evening too hehe.

The morning was a gray one as the rain fell and me inside scanning trees ground even fallen stumps for any movement and chilled best I could even took time to watch the potato bugs go about their duties on the limbs of the hide hehe then around 10:00am I noticed a tree out about 30yrds shaking a little too much and knew it was nutter making it's way through the trees.

I slid the B26 into position and closely observed as the motion in the trees moved closer then suddenly a Squirrel appeared below the canopy of leaves clinging on the side of the tree just still as could be looking for any danger before heading to the ground.

I was down behind the glass and with the nutter holding it's position I locked the crosshairs on the side of the fusebox and let the lead loose and in a blink of an eye it found it's mark dropping the nutter to the base of the tree and other then a few tail quivers it was lights out.

I reloaded and just kept a close eye on the downed harvest and just maybe another would show to help it's buddy in destress hehe but after ten minutes decided to slip out and over to grab the harvest before it became a soggy mess. Before slipping out I zapped the tree from which the harvest was take which came to 28yrds not to shabby I thought lol then was on my way grabbed the harvest and slipped back to the hide.

I wasn't sure if I would have a chance for another harvest or a break in the rain so pulled out the camera and shot some pics then refocused my attention on hopefully getting another chance for another harvest.

 It limit's ones chances being confined to a hide and basically waiting for the critters to come into your shooting zone then once there give you a shot that will harvest them quickly as possible but so far things were looking good despite Ma Nature not playing along.

It wasn't even a half an hour and out of some high grass down on the trail another nutter appeared well things are really looking up and now for me to do my part and make it happen once again.

The nutter was working the trail and me just hanging behind the glass waiting for a shot which came as the nutter found a downed old rotten log to get up on then pose for me' ain't that nice. With another nutter presenting a side profile I locked the crosshairs on the fusebox then sent more lead down range.

The nutter performed a Olympic worthy flip but the landing was below par as it landed on it's side rolled several times then expired feet from the log. I didn't waste anytime and headed right out to grab my second harvest and look at that it stopped raining as well. I'm thinking Ma Nature was giving me a break to get some pics outside the hide as well as telling me I had my harvest for the day and to be happy with that...I agreed.

The second nutter was taken at 19yrds and with both of them set up for a photo shoot I grabbed more pics then called it a successful hunt and thanked Ma Nature and the Good Lord for providing me these harvest and with game gear and shooter ready to roll I made my way out of the woods and pleased that I had Squirrel on the harvest list for the year and season and hopefully more to come.

Dancing Queen of the Squirrel hunt was the B26.177 slinging CPHP 7.9g resulting in to tasty treat's in my game bag. Ed

A nice hunt even with the rain. I like the way the wet weather really brings out the color in your pictures.

Nice meal there Bro Ed!

Thank you kindly hunt brothers :D and have the meat soaking as we speak hehe wife's plan Squirrel n Dumplings with some veggies straight from the garden. Thank the Lord she loves wild game meat as much as I do but wont eat C-rat says it's reminds her of Rat's guess I should stop calling them Country Rat's around her too hehehe.

Gray skies but rain looks to be holding off so will do some pest control tonight while the luck of the Hunt Gods are in my favor ;). Ed

Going out soon to perform my No Rain Dance...neighbors thought I was sketchy before lol. Ed


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