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Full moon adventure

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As the darkness closed in I gathered up the gear and shooter for tonight's possible dance with any critters and as I loaded the gear into the rig I looked up and took in the big full moon making it's presence known and would be my guiding light for this evenings pest control.                                                                                             

It was going on 8pm as I pulled into the residences yard and after catching up on all I had missed and him inquiring on my dads health we finished our cups of java and he bid me good luck and "like you need it!" he said hehe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
I made my way across the field with a slight cross wind and a beautiful yellow full moon wow what a sight and what a feeling like no better place to be right now and as I reached the wood line I put my game face on and used the rays of moon light that found there way through the trees as my guide along the game trail .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
I made it to the hide and proceeded to set all up and readied the shooter then one down the trail to prepare a little sample for the critters to taste and present me a possible shot then with the headlamp strapped to the tree just above and off the trail I adjusted the beam to set all aglow and giving me ample light to lock crosshairs on.                           

Back at the hide and settled in and poured a cup of java and checked the time oh? where did that hour go lol it was going on 10pm but all is good still had the evening and the woods and night to myself and with the shooter at the ready I put my hunt zen on and began to pick p on an unusual sounds and watched the lit trail in the distance.                                                                                                                                                           
Several more hours passed and it can be so easy to let ones mind drift some with the calming sounds of the night and the moon above but stayed the coarse with this feeling one gets that things were gonna pick up and just as that thought passed I caught movement down the trail under the glow of the lamp.                                         

It looks like we have a taker but wait the Bandit actually shot past the bait and into the darkness of the trail and moving my way putting me on high alert thinking it would stop to check me out and had plans to just head up to the coops.                                                                                                                                                   

I was geared up and ready for a face to face but suddenly it appeared back under the lamp and one cannot resist pork chop scraps hehe and so I slipped back into hunt mode and with the shooter back in the shooting window of the hide I dropped down behind the glass and went to work on locking onto this fella.                                         

It took no time for the Bandit to get after the goodies and me planted behind the glass as it circled the bait eating the whole time every now and then looking up for any danger. Finally it settled in and gave my a perfect shot with it's head down but then looked up slightly and right my way but too late I still had a solid fusebox shot and sent a Polymag away.                                                                                                                               

The sound of a solid impact and the bandit dropping right onto it's belly said it all followed by several rolls and leg kicks it was lights out but kept a close eye on it and was ready to send more lead down it's way but the Gamo Hunter Extreme.22 aka The Reaper has never needed a follow up round knock on wood hehe.

Satisfied that it was down I gloved up and made my down the trail then gave the bandit a once over then hauled the female back to the hide for a photo shoot pleased that I'm actually harvesting some game late in the season and making up for not keeping the raiders at bay for the residence.                                                                   

I placed the game in the game bag reloaded the shooter and settled back in since I planned on hanging till morning but the night passed without any further action and around 4am called it a successful hunt\pest control and pleased as all out to have some proper meat in the icebox again.                                                                     

The shot was taken at 25yrds using the Gamo Hunter Extreme.22 and .16g Polymag .front and center fusebox to turn out the light. Ed

Great hunt Bro Ed!

picture perfect shot! Nice one Ed!

Thank you kindly Brothers :D and the resident gave me a call  around 7am this morning and left message since I was zzzzzz after an all nighter. He had several bandits make a run at the coop around 6am so gearing up for this evening and shooter of choice will be my gal who has been with me for many moons...Gamo CFX.22. She just loves dancing with the bandits. Ed

Great shooting Ed !!! We can't hunt them til October 1st in Zone 3 but I'll be ready for them.


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