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Lil rusty but thats ok

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I'm a little curious about how those raccoons taste. I never had the opportunity to eat one, and of course they don't live here on the island. No rabbits either, but the supermarket had some a couple of years ago; apparently rabbits make quite the tasty bit of stew. For my palate, they tasted very similar to chicken; had a slightly more gamey taste and it also seemed like I tasted more...protein?

I did up a pretty simple yet awesome stew; potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, apples and some fresh hot peppers to give the stew a little bit of a kick.  8) Very yummy.

How do raccoons taste? And how do you prepare them? I'm curious to know...and if you'd indulge me, perhaps I'd have a chance to live a little through you.


Dig out something from my recipe book for you to enhance the taste of gamey game. Just rolled in around 4am from a all night pest control...Bandit in the bag  ;D get some zzzzzzzzz details to follow. Ed

 Racoon taste kinda like bear , if that helps ;) both are surprisingly edible  :D

Oh wow, I almost missed this one.  Nice job with the ol' B26!  You are back with a vengeance - 2 bandits in 3 days.  Way to go buddy.


Thanks Ed! I appreciate it.  8)

Back_Roads - Bear...another item I'd like to try! We definitely don't have those here...and I think I'm rather thankful for that.  :o I was chatting with Tommy Boy, and he said he's come across some of them in his adventures. Nope. Nope. Noooope. I'll pass on that particular adventure...I'd like to come home with all digits and extremities intact, thank you kindly. I'm old and I can't run that fast. However: when the zombie apocalypse comes? I'll have the most explosives and automatic weapons.  ;D


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