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Lil rusty but thats ok

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Well what a year it's been with getting pulled away willingly to head down south to tend to my father and despite many critters spotted down south I had no shooter on hand and dads needs came first :D.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The night was active as I just relaxed on the residents deck from about 8pm till about 2am but despite several C-rats and Bandits sniffing around the chicken coop which had been reinforced due to my absence I didn't feel comfortable with the shots presented by the critters and hadn't found my hunt zen yet lol.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It was after 1am and I just decided to pull stacks and slip down to the ole hide which I had spent the past several days repairing some issues and basically house cleaning so I quietly gathered up the gear and shooter and made my way across the field with a heck of a wind gusting across it. It felt great to be in the ole hunting ground again as I took in the fresh air and could make out a touch of fall in it as well.                                           

I turned on the flashlight as I hit the trail for the leaves still hung heavy on the trees in the woods and dark got really dark fast in here hehe. I slowly made my way down the trail towards the hide keeping a sharp ye out for any critters that decided not to give way and surprise me then final at the hide got myself settled in till first light. 

The sounds that I've missed were all still there waiting for me as the trees creaked and a twig snapped under the weight of a unknown critter maybe which kept me alert since I was just hanging in the dark no lamp down the trail or bait station it was just a good time to soak in the evening.                                                                       

The hours slipped by as I just relaxed and listened to the sounds then started to notice the first rays of light which seem to come quickly and with that pulled my act together lol and decided to see what was moving around down here first thing in the morning.                                                                                                                 

I splashed some java on my face hehe well down my chin as I needed the pick me up and along with the sound of the birds waking and several nutters already out I was ready to greet the morning and maybe a harvest so with that rested the barrel of the B26.177 out the hide window and gave the trail and all else a good hard scan for any movement.                                                                                                                                   

Squirrel season isn't upon us here yet but still put the crosshairs on several with a thought of "I'll be seeing you soon" hehehe then dropped my eyes back down onto the game trail to behold a sight for sore eyes...Bandit dead ahead.     

The bandit was in no hurry as it moved several yards then stop to sniff the area in hopes that a pile of goodies had appeared then moved a few yards closer in my direction and without thinking I guess I was down behind the glass and putting a bead on the bandit waiting for the shot and hoping the ole shooter and myself were up to the task.                                                                                                                                                             
Figuring it was about twenty or so yards out when it held up again for another sniff test it gave me the go get it shot placement so I let the lead fly and it found it's mark not too rusty I guess lol. I let the bandit do it's death dance which lasted several minutes then gave in to the lead in da head.                                                             

Boy I was up and out of the hide and already gloving up for a closer look and sure enough the lead found it's mark and assured that it was down I hauled the make back to the hide for pics then gathered the shooter and gear up since I was bushed and headed for the ranch to dress this fine specimen out for a future meal.                 

I stopped by the residents place to give him the good news and he was very happy to see the harvest since it had been a hard most of the year without me keeping em at bay and having to basically barricade the coop and still had chickens taken.                                                                                                                                     

The shot came to 22yrds with the B26.177 and 7,9G CPHP and good to shake the rust off myself and the shooter so too speak and just maybe the hunt blessing will carry me into the fall and winter for upcoming nutter and other critters hunts. Ed

It is great to see ya posting up a hunt Ed :D
You sure put the lead in the head like the ole days, way to shake off the dust of the ole shooter 8)
That coon looked kinda happy on that log, other then the blood stain on it forehead  ;D

Nice shot Bro Ed! The Zen is still there

 Nice post Ed, this might get the oomph  i need to get out there asap, I have squirrel, deer, and turkey with x-bow, seasons open now, but the unusual hot weather and skeeters/work, last 2 mostly LOL
Has kept me out of the stands  :-[
 Thanks for the boost !

Thanks brothers and shaking the cobwebs of the zen but getting there.


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