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Family First

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Good to have you back Ed. You have been missed.
Glad your pops is on the mend.
Looking forward to more of your Spread the Lead stories.

It is good to hear that your dad is better.  And you are to be proud of yourself for being there when he needed you.
Welcome back to the Forum.  Many times I said a little prayer that things were okay with you.

Hey brother Ed, glad to have you back. As I said in the message to you earlier, we have all been concerned about you and your family. I know it was a stressful time but glad you were able to make the trip and spend time with your Dad, your hero. That time is very special and memorable. I hope he continues to mend. But like you said, it's especially tough to mend and run a farm at the same time.
You're a good man Ed and your family (1st and 2nd family) are proud of you and honored to have you.
GOD Bless

Welcome back ED! Missed your posts buddy.
Family first, is always a good thing and important. Best wishes for your dad.

Thanks brothers :D and good to get back after it. I was just getting into some pest control when called away to tend to my father :D but with his health stable I jumped back into it to shake off the rust and hooked back up with the resident that I do pest control for. The evening was active with several C-rats and Bandits but didn't feel comfortable with the shot placement. The wee hours of the morning were a different story when I set up down at the ole hide story to follow. Ed


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