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It's been awhile brothers and sisters but when family is in need were there.  I have spent most of this year between MI. and MO. where my Father lives. With his failing health and now major back problems involving surgery  :-[. It weighs heavy on the heart to watch the man who has always been there for you through your med issues fight with his own and as always seen him as a hero. So putting aside my passion for airguns and hunting I gladly stood by his side and dove into the farm life once again. It is always good to spend time with my Dad despite the situation and there has always been something about the life down there and the wide open spaces of the farm that brings a inner peace to the soul. Dad is well into healing up but reminded him the spring chicken has sprung ;) and to take each day and life easy now which is hard when running a farm. The summer of hunts and pest control has for the most part past me by but no regret's and had alittle action upon my return home and will be posting it's result's. It's good to be back and with family here on the forum again and looks like all the great hunters have been hard at work :D and look forward to adding some new adventures to the mix. Some pics from down south ...each and every moment priceless.

A beautiful tribute to your father Bro Ed, God Bless  ( great pictures)

Glad to see you back Brother Ed. Time with family is priceless. Lost time with family is something we will never get back.

Welcome back, Ed!

I hope in the future, when my kids are grown, they would hold their mother and me, in the same esteem as you do for your father/family. I wish a speedy and full recovery for your father.

With your absence, I'm sure the varmints has run amuck. So, get back in there and clean house!

As always, thank you for sharing your story and pictures.

Hoosier Daddy:

Glad your Father is mending, and you devotion to your family is commendable. Just goes to show what "character" truly is.
Your photos are pretty darn good to. ;)


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