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Marauder .22 ~ reasonable expectations

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Hi guys,
I have a newbie question about hunting pests with my new rifle.  What sort of sizes can I reasonably expect to bring down (humanely) with this rig?  Yup.. wide open question, because I've never used this air rifle before so am hoping to rely on your experiences and kindness.  Let's say 18g JSP (maybe this is another good question... what type of pellets?)
Like, sparrows are a gimme, but how much larger can the target be, and where should the placement be?  Pigeons with a headshot at 30 yds (a guess-timate)?  Crows with a chest shot at 15 paces...?  Bison with a two-handed swing to the cranium?
Thanks for forgiving the ignorant question, and thanks for the tips.

As for pellets, a lot of folks have luck with the Predator Polymags.  I'm pretty much just a squirrel hunter and the JSB 15.9 or 18gr pellets have done well for me. AA 15.9gr usually do just as well. 

As far as game and limits:  Airguns are not about power, they are about precision.  You can probably feel safe with game up to the size of a raccoon or groundhog as long as you keep your shots in the brainpan, and keep shot length within realistic limits of your accuracy.  We might be able to put 5 shots in a dime at fifty yards off a bench, but how good are you shooting off your knees, half sideways and rushing a little so you don't miss the shot?   An off shot with an airgun will likely be a wounded animal, and nobody wants that.

Thanks..  that helps.  So animals should be like racoon sized at the outside, and 'at an accurate distance', shooting for the brain pan. 18gr will work.
That gives me a good starting point.  I was thinking smaller even, and didn't want to 'experiment' by wounding anything too large.
What about birds?  Can we expect to take down a... crow? or keep it at pigeons.  and should these all be head shots too?

You are asking all the right questions, and they show you are focusing on the effective parameters (and limitations) of your equipment. That's all a Very GOOD thing.

The answer to your questions are : ... It still all depends on several factors.
Certainly accurate shot placement, and effective power levels at POI are the priority.

 Understanding your rifles abilities, your abilities, your ammo's characteristics and trajectories,
 Are also important.

 Additionally, understanding the differences in the game you hunt changes all the parameters of the points made above. For example,
A straight on chest shot on a piegeon from your Marauder will drop them like a rock at 80+ yards.
 BUT ! ! !,
 that same piegeon at 50yds presenting a side profile shot, has a darn good chance of taking the hit and flying off wounded.
 WHY ? ? ?
 Because the heavy "stems" of the wing feathers are actually somewhat difficult to penetrate with a 30 fpe .22
 Crows are even tougher. There wings are almost like Kevlar !
 I've made perfect center mass hits on crows at 50 yds, and watched them fly away like they were just tickled.
 But on either bird, a well placed 50-75 yd head/neck or chest shot will be far more effective., and should result in a straight drop.

Rabbits ?,... they are relatively easy to take down with just about any solid hit. Heck they will practically fall down if you miss and just throw dirt on them.
 I've taken countless numbers of them at 80-100 yds with my .22 Marauder.

 But Ground Squirrels ???
  They are basically the Psycho Zombie Un-Dead,
 that you never know if they will go DRT upon impact,, ... OR, ...
Run 30 yds to their burrow after taking a 50 fpe polymag hit to the brainpan.

using your .22 mrod on a raccoon or a adult opossum at 35+ yds will require a good brain or heart/lung hit.
 I would say that is about the respectable limits of your .22 mrod

Your mileage may vary.

With fox & grey squirrels, there is most definitely a difference between a head shot and a brain shot.  They are the most obstinate, hard to kill critters you will run across, and keep armor plating under their fur.  Accuracy is the key to success.


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