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You never know

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One thing that I have learned and actually enjoy about hunting is that one never knows what surprise Ma Nature may bestow upon you and how one handles it says a lot about themselves and their interaction with Ma Nature.

The last several mornings just after sunrise I have been hitting the private land that I hunt and do pest control on checking game cams' tracks and just taking the beauty of being out there in again and after checking the cams and doing some casual strolls along the game trails I settled into the hide around 9:00am with one of my shooters ready to roll just incase a unwanted target showed itself and presented a shot.

So there I was taking in the fresh brisk air sipping on my java when I caught movement to my side and basically right at my feet :o and had to force myself not to jump up and out of the hide and just freeze where I sat.

With my ole heart doing overtime from the surprise visitor I watched as it just moved by my feet sniffing them with no fear then just curled up in front of me against the bottom of the hide.

I thought now I've seen everything but then remember the baby bandit that came to my hide and decided to go through my game bag and climb on me lol but this fella looked like it just wanted to take a nap after an all nighter lol.

Well I finally decided to move and grabbed my digi cam as the young C-rat finally took notice of me and started to look in my tell the rest of the story finally with me gently grabbing the female C-rat up for a selfie with me lol then gathering my gear and shooter together and placing her back where she was at giving her the hide for the day...she played possum as we all know.

So sometimes it's just as rewarding to interact with Ma Nature then go your separate ways both of you living to enjoy another day "Live and let live". Ed

Great story and pictures Bro Ed!

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
Wonderfull Story !     Fantastic Pictures !     Wow Ed..  What a Morning !      I had a Whitetail Buck bed down in front of me one time, while I was out deer hunting.  There is quite a story on that one....   but this is your thread.         My Best Wishes to You  -  Tom Wood

Totally cool!  Many times I've not pulled the trigger and just admired what was in front of me.  I have let playing squirrels live, have let birds off the hook...never rats, though.  Never thought a rat cute enough to let alone...

Great Story Ed, and awesome pictures! Big smile on me mug. :)


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