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Still got game alittle lol

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Well finally I put the bad start to a new year and all the other poo out of my head and gathered the gear and shooter up placed all in the ole bruised but running strong hunt rig and headed for the residence place to put a hurting on the increasing bandit activity at the chicken coops.

I was doing my best to get my mind back into the zone and despite plenty of target practice time which was looking good it's a different game when I'm back out there trying to put a bead on a live target and was still working on a location in m head to setup and see what shows.

I had kept in touch with the resident since I was doing some Squirrel hunting up there this year with nothing much too show for it except some quality time out in the sticks but he was happy to see me roll in ready to get after some chicken raiders.

After our hello's I let him know that I was going to head down to the ole hide and hang there for awhile do some house cleaning and have the shooter out just in case then later after nightfall would slip back up and station myself on his deck which was a fine sniping location in the past.

With that I grabbed the gear bag and shooter case and made my way across the field along the way taking note of some possible G-hog den holes hehe then quietly slipped into the woods and moved on down the game trail to my hide.

As I approached the hide I was happy to see m ole friend and it has held up well over the years with some TLC now and then then went about doing some quick cleaning of leaves and such then settled in with the shooter out and ready and a cup of mocha java to warm the bones since the temps were not friendly and a steady breeze was finding it's way through the bare trees around me.

It was just after 8pm when out of nowhere not one but two bandits appeared and moving quickly down the trail in my direction though the shooter was in position I wasn't and these two had caught me off guard with a cup of java in my and :( watched both scurry by my hide and knew right where they were headed colorful words followed as I put my cup down and worked on a way to kick myself.

I took note that both bandits never held up once to do the ole sniff around thing and realized that the ole bait station smell was long gone so with mind racing to figure out a plan I grabbed my bag of trail mix and was out of the hide and moved down the trail to lay some goodies if more were to arrive then pulled out my range finder and zapped from the goodie pile to the hide sniping window' 18yrds ok that will have to do.

 Back in the hide I had just settled in when my phone began to vibrate with the resident on the other end and knew what was up. I quietly answered and all he said "Bandits at the coop" and let him know they had slipped by me and will move that way shortly. Now my mind was in overdrive do I pull stakes and work my way back across the field in hopes to get a shot on at least one of them if they didn't spot me since it was still light out though overcast or hang tight and wait to see what unfolds here hmmm.

As I was thinking that over lol I spotted movement down the trail and sure enough another bandit was moving quickly in my direction but this time ole reflexes took over as I dropped down behind the shooter and acquired the bandit in the glass hoping that it would hold up when it caught wind of the nice pile of trail mix.

Suddenly the bandit put on the brakes and began sniffing O boy I thought knowing their sniffers ain't the greatest unlike their night vision but good enough to get wind of the give me the shot.

The bandit worked the area gobbling up the mix then when it reached the main pile it presented the frontal shot I love and with that locked the crosshairs on just above and between the eyes and let the lead loose.

The FTT 14.66G found it's mark with authority dropping the bandit onto the goodie pile and with a wild but short death dance expired several feet from where it was hit with several final twitches.

I broke the barrel loaded but didn't cock the shooter then just kept an eye on the downed bandit along with making a quick call to the resident letting I'm know I had ne down here and getting any info on what's happening there. He informed me that the neighbors dog which had gotten loose had chased them off' teamwork lol.

With that good info for now I was out of the hide and moved down the trail for a closer look and upon arriving gloved up and inspected the shot placement' works for me right where it needed to be so satisfied with that I hailed the bandit back for pics with daylight still helping the cause then quickly got game and gear together and headed up to setup at the residences house.

The remainder of the evening was slow with one bandit moving in around 11pm but very skittish and vanished into the night. It was going on 1:30am when I wrapped things up and it all turned out not to shabby for my first night patrol pest control outing in awhile and looking forward to getting back into the groove more this evening for I'm sure this season of raiding has just started for the bandit's and hope I will have a bounty to share with all.

Shooter used was the Gamo Whisper .22 Ammo FTT 14.66g at 18yrds and she looks like she's gonna love playing with the critters this year ;). Ed

Prepping for this evening already lol thinking critters will be taking another swing at the coop. Ed

Once again your story puts us right there with you Brother Ed... Glad to see you back up and running.

Hoosier Daddy:
Thanks for taking us along... I could even smell the coffee!

I was smelling the trail mix.


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