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Back from the dead lol

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Yup when I hit the black ice I thought oh my poor ole hunt rig gong to take it hard now. She's back on the road along with a new set of all season tires to help her keep some sure footing since the ole tire's were getting slicky lol. I'm taking this weekend and do some scouting with the resident wo has informed me that he has noticed some activity around the coops. He has been letting the chickens out with the pop up of some descent weather so a good time to set up some trail cams and see what's moving about. Thanks for the concern brothers and it hurt when my ole rig took a good hit to the drivers front taking fender' headlight ' grill and bumper out.

Lot's of time in some poopy weather doing body work then ordering parts then fitting all back together and darn it all fit back together with some miner tweaking and a hammer and a few choice words lol.

I look forward to getting back after the critters and boy I've missed doing my hunts and pest control but ready to refocus my efforts on putting a hurting on em. Ed

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
I'll be awaiting to see the Results !         Best Wishes - Tom

Sorry to hear about the accident Ed, but I am really glad you are OK and letting us know you are going back after the critters.  Good luck getting whatever is now threatening the chickens!  I am sure they will get more than they bargained for :)


Glad to see your ok. I have done the same thing in a Semi truck, no fun at all. I am happy to see you back to writing, I got to post more.I always read the GTA need to interact more. We have a great group here, especially you and your stories. Yes I still have a big cat piston that you tuned and camouflaged for me. Love it. Be well my friend.

Looks the bandits are getting active despite the crazy weather here so tonight will bundle up good and see what arrives at the residents chicken coops tonight. The weather here is flip flopping around and other then seeing Robins around it still feels and looks like winter here.

The resident that I do pest control for has called the past several nights and has had some bandits show up looking for a free chicken meal so time to put the game face back on finally and see if I can still get after em. Ed


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