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Alittle something for my efforts

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With the summer coming to an end along with the consistent raids on the residents coop slowing down to a crawl other then C-rats working at it now and then I have been focusing my attention on the upcoming Squirrel season along with those tasty Rabbits. I've been getting out each morning and early evening just to scout my private hunting grounds locating active nutter nest as well as just hanging out in the hide to watch the Squirrels travel routes through the tree's.

With most of the leaves giving up the ghost for the season and dropping I have a great view from the hide to watch them wake and began their daily routine of gathering and storing future meals.

As always I bring along one of my proven shooters just in case cause one never knows what will pass by and give me a opportunity to drag something back to the cave.

This morning was no different up before first light with the shooter and gear ready to go and out the door to meet the chilly air with some weird white stuff floating around...tis the season and was dressed for the occasion and to hang out in the hide with the bite in the

I made it to the ole hide and did some quick roof work since it has been taking a beating then slipped inside settled in and poured me a cup of java to warm the insides and no sooner then that the nutters started to get active around 7:00am.

The shooter was ready as well as I just took in the fresh chilly air and the sites and just enjoyed the moment because these moments out in Ma Nature are priceless at least for me if it be sticky hot or freezing the giblets off lol.

I silently watched the nutter's do their thing and made a point of making as little movement as possible and taking mental notes of their travel routes as I sipped my java and watched as more nutters appeared' looks like it will be a good season for them.

I was watching several on the game trail go about their business when both suddenly scurried up a nearby tree then I spotted the reason and O goodie a good sized reason slowly working it's way along the trail.

It's just automatic as I was already moving the shooter into position as the big C-rat  moved over next to the tree that both nutters had scurried up and began sniffing around the base of it which gave me that extra second to settle in behind the glass and get a bead on it.

I had a side profile shot but not what I wanted so just waited for the C-rat to turn back towards my position for that front profile and finding nothing of interest at the base of the tree turned to continue my way

I locked the crosshairs on the front of it's head centered them then up just a touch to hit that sweetspot...let the lead fly.

Yup that was a loud impact when the lead met bone followed by the C-rat dropping on the spot and going right into the death roll and me hoping it wouldn't roll into the creek being just feet away from the trail there.

Red on the head gave me a good sign as the death roll slowed to just the curl of the tail and several leg twitches and ole ed already moving out of the hide and on down the trail to check this big one out

I arrived gave the C-rat several barrel pokes then satisfied gloved up to get a hands on look and it's a boy pass out the Cigars lol.

I was so happy to harvest some meat and like I said one never knows what the Hunt Gods will bestow upon you and think I was skipping back to the hide..Man Skipping lol.

Well got my scouting in for another day and have some goodies to show for it and after this big guys photo shoot I called it a successful morning and headed back to the cave to prep this fine harvest.

The shot came to 23yrds with the B26 .177 and CHP 7.9g to send home the message home and heck I was just pleased to get out there and just hang out with Ma Nature.

C-rats are in season year around here and the meat will not go too waste believe me hehe. Ed

good story, nice that you will eat them, though possums eat a BOATOAD of ticks, ticks that can cause some nasty diseases to hunters.

Thanks Geoffrey and yes the Opossum is beneficial to Ma Nature and man as well. I thank them for that as well as being edible and as always consume what I harvest if edible. Ed

Nice shooting Ed, glad to see you out there.


--- Quote from: shadow on November 19, 2017, 12:52:18 PM ---I was so happy to harvest some meat and like I said one never knows what the Hunt Gods will bestow upon you and think I was skipping back to the hide..Man Skipping lol.

--- End quote ---
Hmm......a grown man carrying dead possum and a rifle skipping along the trail.........we really need a video of this ;D

Great shooting and story as always, Ed!


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